Seasons review: Netflix rom-com is touching and heart-breaking

In Seasons, after setting up her best friend, Kurt, with the perfect girl, Charlie starts realizing that she loves Kurt and goes on to make some horrible mistakes. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.


Charlie and Kurt have been best friends for years. When they were young, Kurt promised Charlie’s dead father that he will never leave Charlie’s side. A day doesn’t go by without them meeting and updating each other about their lives.

Charlie often wonders if Kurt is not tired of being single and pushes him to try online dating apps. Kurt agrees to do so if she puts herself out in real life and goes on a date with her colleague, Hans, who clearly likes her.

Charlie accepts the deal and goes out with Hans. She is then allowed to create Kurt’s dating profile and find the perfect match for him. Charlie fails to find the perfect girl on the apps, but she does find her in a restaurant in the form of Jane, who is the head baker there.

While Jane and Kurt get close and serious about their relationship, Charlie starts missing Kurt, who has now grown distant from her. The absence of Kurt makes Charlie realize that the person she is looking for to spend her life with is Kurt.


Lovi Poe, as Charlie, delivers an overall compatible performance. It has its highs and lows. Sometimes she can be too loud for the character’s outgoing personality.

However, she manages to show how confused Charlie is about life and her decisions, to the point where she is afraid of taking risks and facing the consequences.

By the end of the film, every tear she sheds makes a viewer want to root for her, even though they know her character is being selfish.

Carlo Aquino is charming as Kurt. The love his character has for Charlie can be seen in his eyes, although it may not be what they expect it to be. He is often calm and comes out as the perfect partner in crime to Lovi Poe’s loud Charlie.


Seasons has balanced its comedy, romance, and drama parts well. Each part gets a decent runtime, in which a viewer gets absorbed into the world of Charlie and Kurt and its complexities.

The first half primarily handles the comedy and romance parts, while the second half is a heart-wrenching journey to the truth. The film does come with some ingredients of a regular rom-com, but they are handled very authentically so that it feels relatable. It clearly sticks to the reality of the situation, and the ending is as realistic as it can get.

The film explores the concepts of uncertainties, risks, and once-in-a-lifetime chances. The charming story of Charlie and Kurt will remind viewers of their own experiences. The story is just nostalgic in itself about a mistake that cannot be corrected, and you have to live with it.

The heartbreak shoots straight into a viewer’s heart. It’s more or less like a life lesson and a reminder for viewers not to repeat their mistakes, learn from them, and take chances.

Seasons also comes with great camera work. A special focus is given to the faces of the characters at the movie’s most important points. Whether it’s Kurt staring at Charlie or Charlie shedding a tear, a viewer feels their emotion just by looking at their face.


During comical moments, Charlie and Kurt’s conversations can sound unnatural and fabricated.

The second half of the film slows the story down when Charlie and Kurt go on a trip to Ilocos. Here, the viewers are made to wait too long for an outcome they already know about.


Seasons is certainly a charming watch that ends up becoming a heartbreaking one by the end. With an authentic and highly relatable premise, Seasons is bound to attract many viewers.

Seasons review: Netflix rom-com is touching and heart-breaking 1

Director: Easy Ferrer

Date Created: 2023-07-07 12:30

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