Maestro in Blue season 2 summary and ending explained

In the second season of Maestro in Blue, everyone struggles to cope with and conceal Charalambos’ murder, but the truth can only remain hidden for so long. The new season is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Charalambos’ body has not been found yet, but his murder, its concealment, and the consequences still haunt everyone involved.

Although Orestis is living in Athens with Alexandra and working at the Athens Conservatory, the two of them are struggling to move on.

Fanis, who is now the mayor, is relieved to know that Michalis will not report the murder for the sake of Sofia and her children.

Spyros and Antonis are the worst affected. Spyros, tormented by nightmares of his father, breaks up with Antonis, who is at his breaking point. 

Antonis finally confides in Klelia, telling her that he killed Charalambos to protect Spyros. Klelia then decides to leave home with her brother.

While they move to Athens, where Klelia plans to enroll in the Athens Conservatory, Sofia burns down Fanis’ black money and moves in with Michalis.

Alexandra, wanting to stay far away from Paxos and its residents, asks Orestis to fail Klelia if she comes to get admission to the conservatory, and Orestis reluctantly does as he is told.

In Athens, Klelia befriends a girl named Zoe and gets a job at a restaurant. Her boyfriend, Thanos, looks down on her job and does not treat her well.

Klelia is not happy with Thanos. Similarly, Spyros, unable to move on from Antonis and his father’s death, is not happy with his girlfriend Yianna.

Just when Klelia starts enjoying her life in Athens and gets admission to the conservatory, despite Orestis failing her, Zoe passes away in an accident. 

This prompts Klelia to reach out to her mother, whom she has been avoiding since she found out about her father’s illegal business. 

Klelia also gathers the courage to meet Orestis and tell him how much their breakup hurt her. She says goodbye to him and tries to move on with Thanos.

While Orestis is meeting with Klelia, Alexandra goes into labor. She tries to drive herself to the hospital but ends up giving birth to her daughter on the side of the road. 

Alexandra then suffers from postpartum depression, which is so severe that she cannot even bear to hold her daughter.

To make matters worse, her sexist father, believing that she should focus on being a mother, starts poaching her clients, which hurts her business. 

Alexandra also finds out that Orestis never told her about Klelia studying at the conservatory. 

This leads to an argument between Alexandra and Orestis, during which Orestis accuses Alexandra of being a worse parent than her father. 

The argument serves as a wake-up call for Alexandra, who finally holds her daughter. Alexandra can now give her daughter love and start to recover herself.

However, Orestis’ problems are far from over. Someone reports to the conservatory that Orestis is in a relationship with Klelia, forcing Orestis to go on leave. 

Additionally, Alexandra consults a lawyer about her and Orestis’ involvement in covering up Charalambos’ murder. 

The lawyer advises her to divorce Orestis and take sole custody of their daughter, which Orestis refuses to do. 

If they get divorced, Alexandra, who has a Swiss passport, will be able to keep herself and her daughter away from the crime in case the matter comes out in the future.

Like Orestis, Klelia is also facing problems in her life. Her relationship with Thanos, who keeps accusing her of cheating and using him for his money, is turning toxic. 

Thanos is cheating on Klelia, yet he proposes to her. When she hesitates to give him an answer, he says hurtful things to her, as he often does.

Orestis calls Klelia to meet him, and they find comfort in each other’s company. By the time they say goodbye, they are both smiling.

Meanwhile, Maria, who does not know what happened to Charalambos, finds his black money hidden in the house. 

She confides in Haris about it and takes her to Corfu to donate the money to a shelter for victims of domestic violence.

She also gets psychological help to deal with the consequences of the abuse she endured for years.

In Corfu, Haris meets a man named Demosthenes, who flirts with her and asks her out on a date. However, Demosthenes stands her up when he finds out that she is from Paxos. 

Charalambos’ body washed up in Italy, and when Demosthenes heard about the case, he concluded that Charalambos was probably involved in something illegal. 

Demosthenes plans to go to Paxos to investigate his death and catch those involved in illegal activities to delay his own retirement.

Fanis is still continuing his money laundering business, but now that Charalambos is dead, he decides to replace him with Spyros, who agrees to work for him. 

However, Spyros takes precautions to protect himself. He keeps Charalambos’ gun, the murder weapon, with him. 

The gun has Antonis’ prints all over it, and Spyros plans to use it as leverage if Fanis ever tries to pin the murder or any other crime on him.

Fanis is also falling behind on deliveries. Due to this, he is visited by an Italian man named Giovanni, and the visit serves as a warning to him. 

Fanis is torn between laying low and continuing his illegal business when Demosthenes comes to Paxos to investigate Charalambos’ murder.

Ending explained:

The murder investigation begins

Demosthenes’ visit impacts everyone involved in Charalambos’ murder when they learn that the body was found and an investigation will take place. 

His arrival leads to Spyros refusing to work with Fanis anymore; he is no longer going to do deliveries for him. Spyros also discloses the truth about the murder to his mother. 

However, he wants to protect Antonis, so he asks his mother to comply with Fanis, despite Maria’s desire to turn Fanis in.

Just as Antonis starts to perform at clubs and move on from his past, he, along with everyone who was in Paxos during Charalambos’ disappearance, is summoned back to the island. 

Sofia, who was happy in Athens with Michalis and her children, also returns and confesses everything to Haris.

Fanis is reunited with his family after a long period of loneliness without them. However, Sofia, Maria, and Michalis blame him for everything. 

They believe that if it were not for his and Charalambos’ illegal activities, there would have been no need to conceal the murder, as Antonis had acted in self-defense.

Demosthenes interrogates everyone on the island. Despite the pressure, Antonis and Spyros’ families stick to lying to protect them. 

Fanis refuses to come clean, but Michalis, struggling with the fear of concealing the crime, wants to confess to Demosthenes.

Sofia decides to stand by Fanis for the sake of their children. Her decision upsets Michalis and strains their relationship.

Still in love

Now that Antonis is back home, he meets Spyros at their spot, but he struggles to stay there because of the memories of the murder. 

Demosthenes sees them leaving together, but when he later questions them about meeting each other, they both lie to him.

Antonis and Spyros eventually have a heart-to-heart conversation. Antonis realizes that while everyone left the island after the incident, Spyros was the only one who stayed behind and suffered. 

Spyros admits to Antonis that he has been alone since the day Antonis left the island and that he is happy to finally have Antonis with him. 

Antonis realizes that his connection with Spyros has not changed. They still love each other, which is why Antonis is happy to be back home.

Returning to the island also brings Orestis and Klelia closer. Antonis believes that Orestis and Klelia are not over each other, and he is not wrong. 

Orestis and Klelia run into each other and spend the whole night talking. Klelia thanks him for helping Antonis and tells him that she broke up with Thanos. 

She also tells him that she does not want him to feel alone and wants him to know that he can trust her. That night, they end up sleeping together.

Fanis’ death

Fanis asks Antonis to join him for a walk, during which Fanis tells him that he covered up Charalambos’ death because he wanted to protect Antonis. 

However, he also admits that he did not handle the situation in the best way possible and involved others in the mess. 

Fanis’s shame over his past actions makes Antonis hope for his father to be righteous and trustworthy, someone he can admire and trust.

Meanwhile, Demosthenes meets Michalis and reveals that he is aware of the illegal activities on the island. 

Demosthenes is targeting Fanis and seeks Michalis’s help in identifying Charalambos’ murderer. 

However, even if Michalis agrees to help, Demosthenes cannot punish Fanis because Giovanni has him killed. It is not known whether Sofia is also killed alongside Fanis.

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