Seasons summary and ending explained

In Seasons, Charlie helps her best friend Kurt find his soulmate, only to later ruin everything after realizing that she is in love with him. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

In 2019, Charlie and Kurt are best of friends. They regularly meet and keep each other updated about everything that happens in their lives. Whenever Charlie needs to go somewhere, Kurt is the person she wants by her side.

Charlie also wonders if Kurt is not tired of being single. He definitely needs someone who can send him good morning texts and keep asking him how he is doing throughout the day. Kurt points out that he already has her doing all of this stuff, and he doesn’t want another person doing that.

The two go back to being serious, and Kurt expresses his hate for dating apps. He likes to think one should put themselves out there in the real world.

Charlie keeps pushing Kurt to try online dating apps, so Kurt pushes her to go out with her colleague, Hans. The two strike a deal. If Charlie goes on a date with Hans, Kurt will give these online dating apps a shot. Charlie keeps her promise, and Kurt agrees to try dating apps.

During a hangout with their friends, they are both asked if they have gotten intimate with each other. Charlie says once and clarifies that this was never meant to be. Kurt looks at her as if he will never end up with Charlie.

The next day, Charlie sets up Kurt’s dating profile, and, as his best friend, she handles it and meets a bunch of girls who matched with Kurt. However, she never finds the perfect girl for him on a dating app, but at the restaurant she is sitting at.

The restaurant serves her the best carrot cake, which is Kurt’s favorite dish, ever. Charlie wishes the baker to be a girl, which turns out to be true. The head baker, Jane, is not on a dating app, but Charlie vows to find a way to set her up with Kurt.

Charlie manages to do so by offering Jane a deal. She will buy all of the carrot cakes Jane has if Jane goes on a date with Kurt. The effort works, and Jane and Kurt hit it off.

As time goes by, Kurt starts spending more time with Jane, and he stops giving Charlie updates on how his day went. Even when Charlie visits him, Kurt stays more busy on his phone.

On the opening night of Kurt’s bar, Charlie performs a song that is clearly about Kurt and how confessing her feelings would ruin their friendship. Everyone notices this.

Later, during drinks, Charlie calls out Kurt for not answering her texts. Kurt also comforts her when she feels sick. Charlie, in turn, asks him to keep the promise he made to her dead father of never leaving her side when they first met in 2004.

The next day, Hans pays Charlie a visit and lets her know that, at the bar yesterday, he once again felt invisible to her, just like he did years before she said yes to him. The two then part ways.

According to Charlie’s mother, there are going to be three kinds of men she will be meeting: a season, who shows up on occasion and goes; a reason, who gives you a lesson; and a lifetime, with whom she is supposed to spend her whole life.

Charlie is searching for her lifetime, and now she realizes that her lifetime was in front of her all this time in the form of Kurt. Charlie plans to confess her feelings to Kurt.

At Kurt’s apartment, she sets up a date to surprise him. However, that night, Kurt comes home with Jane. Charlie hides under Kurt’s bed, but Kurt and Jane end up finding her.

Jane leaves, and Kurt gets mad at Charlie, who questions why he has changed. She asks what Kurt and Jane are. Kurt then shows her a ring and tells her about his intentions to propose to Jane.

Charlie isn’t able to digest the truth. She quickly lies about being pregnant and not knowing where this baby’s father is. At a time like this, Kurt comforts her by letting her know that he will help her track down this baby’s father.

The two travel to Ilocos in search of this baby’s father. Charlie hopes that, during this journey, Kurt will realize that she is his lifetime.

Seasons ending explained in detail:

Does Kurt find out the truth?

Kurt puts a lot of effort into tracking this fake person down. Several times, Charlie tries to confess her love to Kurt and tell him the truth, but she keeps it to herself.

Charlie’s love for Kurt continues to grow. During this trip, they both admit that they are important to each other as they reminisce about their past.

Since they are struggling to find the person Charlie is talking about, who is her baby’s father, Kurt vows that if they fail to find him, he will be there for her; he will never leave her side like he promised her father. That night, Kurt and Charlie kiss.

The next day, Kurt sees blood on Charlie’s bed. He finds her outside. Charlie finally confesses her love for him and apologizes for being selfish. She says she just didn’t want to lose him, and learning that he is getting engaged scared her. However, Kurt stops listening to her and leaves her alone.

Why does Kurt return?

Charlie returns home all alone. She keeps trying to get in touch with Kurt again. Kurt, on the other hand, has completely removed her from his life.

Kurt eventually answers one of her calls. All Charlie asks for is forgiveness, and she is fine if he doesn’t want to talk to her anymore. Kurt ends the call with only one word: goodbye.

It’s hard for Charlie to move on, but she does in the next three years through her music. Before her live performance, she promises the crowd that their loved ones will return to them. Something like this happens to her, as Kurt shows up moments later.

Kurt is about to get married—not to Jane, but to a woman named Bianca—and he felt like sharing this news with his best friend. Charlie gets emotional and hugs Kurt.

Do Kurt and Charlie end up together?

Kurt and Charlie catch up with their lives. They also reminisce about their past and how Charlie made up a story about them sleeping together when they were with their friends.

Charlie says she didn’t make up that story. Kurt then tells her the truth about what happened. It turns out that she only dreamed of sleeping with him that night. All Kurt did was put her to sleep.

Charlie learns that Kurt has talked a lot about her with Bianca, and all Bianca had to say is that Charlie shouldn’t have let Kurt go. Charlie and Kurt break down and make up.

At Kurt and Bianca’s wedding, Charlie plays them a song and sheds tears as she watches her best friend get married.

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