Permanent Roommates season 3 review: Retains all its charm

In season 3 of Permanent Roommates, Mikesh and Tanya face a hurdle in their relationship when the latter wants to move abroad but the former does not. The new season is now streaming on Prime Video.


After feeling that her life has become monotonous, Tanya (Nidhi Singh) decides to move abroad and convinces Mikesh (Sumeet Vyas) to do the same.

However, he is extremely satisfied with his life and does not really want to move. He starts thinking of ways to change Tanya’s mind.

The two start consulting overseas counsellors. Mikesh’s mother, Lata (Sheila Chaddha) moves in with them for a while.

Mikesh believes Lata would not want them to move as well. But what is the true reason behind his reluctance?

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Sumeet Vyas is terrific yet again as Mikesh. You cannot imagine anybody else playing the role now. He has completely made it his own.

Mikesh’s quirks and humour are the soul of Permanent Roommates. Vyas excels every single time he’s on-screen and thrives at the epicentre of the narrative.

Nidhi Singh matches him. Her character is the complete contrast to Mikesh, which makes their interactions even more entertaining.

For either character to stand out, the other is essential. The two actors and their chemistry are why the show is still going strong almost 10 years after it first aired on YouTube. Another standout is Sheeba Chaddha, who impresses as the modern day mother.


The season continues the slice-of-life humour that the first two seasons shows and lands most of the jokes and punchlines once again.

Characters return, and the callbacks are frequent. Long-time fans will thoroughly enjoy this new instalment.

Apart from the light moment, this season handles the cathartic moments well. The show’s creators know how to make you laugh and tear up within the space of seconds.

The whole sequence where Mikesh reveals why he doesn’t wish to move is an absolute tearjerker. It shows that Permanent Roommates isn’t just a breezy watch, it’s capable of getting into the depths of human emotions and experiences.


A few of the endearing characters, like Purushottam and Lleo, aren’t given enough screen time and dialogues compared to the earlier seasons.

The characters are what make the series. And while the two central figures are explored extensively, it does feel like the others are sidelined. A missed opportunity.


The show and its characters have come a long way since its debut. One of the first Indian web series to ever be produced, Permanent Roommates has repeatedly proven why it has won so many over. Another stellar addition to the slate.

Permanent Roommates season 3
Permanent Roommates season 3 review: Retains all its charm 1

Director: Shreyansh Pandey

Date Created: 2023-10-18 15:34

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