Kaala Paani review: Survival drama is exceptional and grey

Kaala Paani is a riveting web series set in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This intense survival drama unfolds as a sudden, enigmatic sickness engulfs the islands, forcing a group of individuals into a perilous journey to discover a remedy. It is now streaming on Netflix.


Set against the stunning backdrop of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, the series Kaala Paani introduces its audience to the year 2027 — a time of impending doom.

When whispers of a mysterious illness began to ripple through the islands, it is initially brushed off by the higher-ups, considered nothing more than a fleeting ailment.

However, the weight of its impact becomes undeniably clear when Central Hospital’s diligent Dr. Soudamini Singh loses her life in a fervent attempt to shed light on the dire seriousness of the disease which has been present on the islands for centuries.

To the islanders’ horror, the disease is a perilous variant of Leptospiral Hemorrhagic Fever and is named LHF-27. Traced back to a contaminated lake, this fever quickly makes its way to the capital, Port Blair, posing a significant threat to half a million individuals who have converged for a grand tourist festival.

The narrative of Kaala Paani intricately weaves together the lives of various characters, all grappling with the rapid outbreak of this devastating pandemic as lockdown is enforced.

Their stories unfold against a backdrop of mounting fear and loss, as the disease, much like an uncontrollable inferno, engulfs the islands, sparing few in its wake.

In a desperate attempt to control the escalating crisis, the authorities take the drastic measure of sealing off the islands from the mainland, striving to curtail the spread and find a means to combat LHF-27.

Hope emerges from an unexpected quarter: an age-old plant revered by the indigenous Oraka tribe. As the storyline evolves, the connection between this ancient flora and a potential cure becomes the island’s focal point, offering a glimmer of hope amidst the enveloping darkness.


Kaala Paani is not just a series; it’s a collection of superb performances. Every episode is a testament to the prowess of its ensemble cast, each actor breathing life into their expertly penned characters.

The likes of Mona Singh, Ashutosh Gowariker, Amey Wagh, Sukant Goel, Radhika Mehrotra, Arushi Sharma, and Vikas Kumar, among others, showcase their craft with such finesse that they transport viewers into the heart of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, right alongside their characters.

One of the show’s remarkable achievements is its ability to create characters that resonate deeply with the audience. The brilliant portrayals ensure that viewers don’t just watch the story unfold but feel an intrinsic connection to each character’s journey.

The intricacies of their personalities, struggles, and emotions are laid bare, making it nearly effortless for the audience to empathize with them, and in many cases, root for their survival.

Among the constellation of stellar performances in Kaala Paani, three in particular demand special attention. Vikas Kumar, as Santosh, brings depth and complexity to his role as a desperate and grieving father.

Amey Wagh’s portrayal of corrupt cop Ketan Kamant makes you feel a deep hatred towards him, which is a testament to his performance. Sukant Goel, in his role as Chiru, delivers a riveting performance, striking a chord with many, making him one of the series’ standout characters.


From the moment it begins, it’s evident that a lot of heart, soul, and planning went into Kaala Paani’s creation. The writing and direction stand out prominently, weaving a narrative that is both engrossing and thought-provoking. 

The show’s ability to transform the oceanic aura of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands into a palpable entity, almost like a living character that breathes alongside its human counterparts, is a testament to its brilliant conception.

Directors Amit Golani and Sameer Saxena have truly outdone themselves. However, it’s not just them; the pens of Biswapati Sarkar, Nimisha Misra, and Sandeep Saket have crafted a tale so riveting, that it grips the audience from start to finish. 

The show’s technical prowess shines through in its striking cinematography, precise editing, and evocative music. Every location chosen, and every set designed, has been done with impeccable attention to detail, creating an atmospheric richness.

One of the most commendable aspects of Kaala Paani is its earnest representation of the islands’ tribal community. Instead of leaning on cliches, the show gives these indigenous tribes a voice, capturing their essence, traditions, and struggles with nuance and respect. 

At its core, while Kaala Paani is categorized as a survival drama, it outperforms the genre, turning into a profound commentary on society. It delves deep into the human psyche, exploring our reactions to disasters, the consequential societal shifts, and our often tumultuous relationship with nature.

Moreover, the series doesn’t shy away from addressing pressing societal issues such as corruption, the glaring economic divide, and the moral quagmires we find ourselves in when choosing between two evils. 

One of its most captivating elements is the ambiguity and complexity of its narrative. The show thrives in the grey areas, avoiding clear delineations of black and white. 

Every subplot serves a purpose, every character has depth, and every creative decision feels deliberate, enhancing the story’s depth and breadth. 


While Kaala Paani boasts a range of commendable attributes, it is not without its imperfections.

One notable critique lies in the character dialogues. At certain junctures, characters delve deeply into philosophical musings and metaphors. While this might be designed to offer profound insights, it occasionally detracts from the immediate, pressing nature of their situations, making the interactions feel less grounded in the reality of the unfolding crisis.

Furthermore, the show’s attempt at integrating CGI elements faced some hiccups. A specific instance that draws attention is the snake scene. The CGI execution in this segment feels jarringly subpar compared to the otherwise polished visual presentation of the series. 

The narrative structure of Kaala Paani also presents challenges, especially with its frequent transitions between time periods. 

The constant flashbacks, while intended to provide a richer backstory and context, sometimes muddle the chronology. This narrative choice demands a higher level of engagement from viewers to piece together the overarching timeline and can, at moments, lead to confusion.

Lastly, the open-ended conclusion feels a bit underwhelming after such a powerful 7-episode journey.


Kaala Paani is undeniably an absolute win in the realm of web series. It is a testament to storytelling prowess and artistic vision. Even though it’s not immune to occasional lapses, these shortcomings do not overshadow its innumerable strengths at all.

Kaala Paani
Kaala Paani review: Survival drama is exceptional and grey 1

Director: Amit Golani and Sameer Saxena

Date Created: 2023-10-18 13:22

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