Our Universe (2022) review: Highly educational but not so engaging

Our Universe (2022) is a six-part docu-series that charts the story of the Earth and how every living being and natural resource got to the point they’re at now. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


The series focuses on different components of planet Earth and how the creatures living on it depend on those components for survival. It also visits the past in the timeline of the universe to explain how these components came to be.

A cheetah and her cubs traverse the Serengeti as energy is transferred from the sun to the Earth and eventually is consumed by the predator. A family of chimpanzees live each day according to their biological clocks which were established by the rotation of the Earth.

The tilt of the Earth’s axis and the revolution around the sun causes the seasons, and a brown bear in Alaska lives her life based on the seasons. A sea turtle makes a great journey across the oceans and seas with some help from the elements that make up everything on Earth.

A herd of elephants travel great distances in search of water, the fundamental resource that enabled living beings to not only survive but thrive on Earth. Gravity holds everything in the universe together and this force of attraction conspires to bring two penguins together following arduous journeys.

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The spectacular wildlife footage and the magnificent depiction of the solar system and beyond are stunning to watch. Observing the animals from such close quarters and getting to see such detailed recreations of the formation of the universe is extremely pleasing.

The background score is a blend of genres and it complements the series exceptionally well. The playful tones overlaying scenes of young ones playing around and the contrasting orchestral melodies accompanying the fantastic animations are splendid to hear.


Morgan Freeman has a calming effect in his voice but that works against him in this series as it certainly feels like he’s droning on at the same pace throughout.

He’s not helped by the script which is filled with information and unnecessarily verbose. It’s as if a science textbook was written in conjunction with a literature major, making for a complex combination.

The pacing feels all wrong too as 6 episodes feel like a mammoth effort to get through by the end of it.


Our Universe (2022) is a good documentary which suffers from multiple issues. The basis of the documentary is great but the execution doesn’t provide the effect the directors were hoping for. It’s an overload of information and one might find themselves easily distracted or even dozing off at certain moments.

Our Universe
Our Universe (2022) review: Highly educational but not so engaging 1

Director: Naomi Austin, Stephen Cooter, Alice Jones

Date Created: 2022-11-22 13:30

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