Next in Fashion season 2 review: Rushed pacing stifles creative concept

Next in Fashion returns for another season as a group of up-and-coming designers compete to become the winner and showcase their designs in front of the world. The season is streaming on Netflix.


Twelve talented designers, each with their own styles and identities, come together in this competition hosted by Gigi Hadid and Tan France. They are confronted with various challenges curated to push them out of their comfort zones while also showcasing their strengths.

High-profile fashion community members are brought in to judge these challenges including Donatella Versace, and Emma Chamberlain among others.

With eliminations at the end of each challenge and the occasional advantages to be won in addition to the grand prize, these designers must dig deep and come up with the most stylish and interesting pieces of fashion that they have produced in their careers.


The show is filled with charming characters, right down to the hosts, Gigi Hadid and Tan France. Each contestant has their own unique story and background to draw from and they interact harmoniously with the hosts and each other.

It’s always great to see people expressing themselves in a creative space and this show does succeed in displaying some immense talent and vibrant designs that are pleasing to the eye.


The pacing of the show, in particular the editing, is far too rushed. The contestants are given an uneven focus and even the episodes tend to rush through with the end as though they’ve got a tight deadline to deal with.

There’s a very specific demographic targeted with this show and there isn’t enough general appeal to attract wider audiences. The human subjects are supposed to be the draw but they aren’t given enough of a spotlight to form proper connections.


Next in Fashion season 2 would have been better suited with a weekly release schedule and more focus on its wonderful participants. Ultimately, it’s just another feel-good reality competition that does have the right balance of emotion and creative flair.

Next in Fashion season 2
Next in Fashion season 2 review: Rushed pacing stifles creative concept 1

Director: Ivan Dudynsky

Date Created: 2023-03-03 13:30

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