Frenchie’s connection to Colin in The Boys explained

Frenchie and Colin are attracted to each other but Frenchie realizes that he has a past connection to his new lover.

Colin is a volunteer at Starlight House and he got that job thanks to Frenchie. They met each other at an Addicts Anonymous meeting.

Frenchie lets that slip and then apologizes to Colin. He leaves after a few tense moments and Kimiko realizes that something is up between them.

When the riot breaks out, Frenchie rescues Colin from a beatdown and they share a kiss in the crowd.

He goes back to Colin’s place but while he’s there, he sees a family photo and realizes who Colin is.

His checkered past

Frenchie calls Cherie and tells her that he’s responsible for the death of Colin’s family. Colin’s mother was a judge and one of Frenchie’s past targets.

She tells him that he shouldn’t have complicated things by falling for Colin but there is nothing much he can do about it.

When Frenchie gets high and goes after the Shining Light with Kimiko, he has hallucinations.

He goes into a room where he sees Little Nina and she reminds him of all the people he has killed in the past and how he can never get away from them.

Right in the middle of the room is a couch with Colin sitting next to his dead family as Frenchie stands there feeling the worst he possibly could.


Colin mentions his family and Frenchie says that he never talks about them. Colin admits that he was there the night someone broke into their house.

His mother planned on making an example out of Little Nina so Frenchie was sent to make an example out of her.

Colin only caught a glimpse of the murderer’s burnt ankles and had nightmares about them.

When he’s patching up Frenchie, Frenchie pushes him back and asks him to stop being so nice.

He then reveals that he killed Colin’s family and shows his ankle. Colin beats up Frenchie and tells him to stay away.

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