Delicious in Dungeon season 1 summary and ending explained

Delicious in Dungeon revolves around the dungeon exploration of a party of adventurers, who are trying to find and rescue one of their own. All episodes are now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

A thousand years ago, King Delgal ruled the prosperous Golden Country before the Mad Mage, an elf who was like a brother to him, cast a spell and sank it underground. 

Delgal and his subjects were affected by an immortality spell and trapped underground until Delgal went to the surface to seek help. 

Upon reaching the surface, he declared that he would give his kingdom, now a dungeon, to the one who defeats the Mad Mage. He then turned to dust because he had escaped the Golden Country.

Now, several adventurers visit this dungeon to make money. The dungeon is full of monsters, which the adventurers fight. 

While battling the Red Dragon, an adventurer named Laios loses his sister, Falin, who teleports the rest of their party aboveground before being eaten. 

Two members of Laios’ party leave to go their own way: Namari quits to make money, and Shuro quits to find Falin on his own. 

This leaves Laios, who is a tall-man, with Marcille, an elven mage, and Chilchuck, a half-foot. Together, they set out to rescue Falin before the Red Dragon digests her. 

As they lack resources, they decide to hunt and eat monsters found in the dungeon, an idea most adventurers disapprove of.

While cooking a monster for the first time, they meet Senshi, a dwarf who is a skilled chef. Senshi joins their party and cooks delicious dishes from the monsters they hunt. 

Laios’ party encounters several monsters and other species, such as orcs, as they continue searching for Falin. They manage to form good relations with orcs, who usually despise humans and elves. 

They also meet the party of Mr. and Mrs. Tansu, which includes Namari. Their meeting leads to Marcille making amends with Namari, with whom she had been angry for leaving.

Eventually, Laios’ party finds and defeats the Red Dragon, only to discover that Falin has already been digested. 

Marcille, who was extremely attached to Falin, then reveals that her specialty is black magic, an ancient and forbidden magic that is considered evil. 

What is unique about this dungeon is the fact that anyone who dies here can be resurrected, so Marcille uses black magic to revive Falin. 

The party happily reunites with Falin, but the Mad Mage finds them. He uses ancient magic to defeat Laios’ party and transforms Falin into a monster. Falin is now under his control.

Soon after, Laios’ party runs into Shuro’s party and another party led by an adventurer named Kabru, who believes that Laios’ party stole from him earlier. 

After meeting them, Kabru becomes convinced that they never stole from him and starts believing that Laios might be able to defeat the Mad Mage and get Delgal’s kingdom.

Shuro, who has returned with a new party from his homeland to rescue Falin, is enraged when he learns that Marcille used black magic to revive Falin. 

The parties are then attacked by Falin, who has been turned into a chimera by the Mad Mage. She kills several of them before fleeing. 

The mages from the three parties manage to revive the dead, but Shuro decides to consider Falin dead and stop looking for her. 

Before Shuro and Kabru leave with their parties, Shuro gives Laios a bell. Laios can use the bell to call for help if needed. 

Shuro and Kabru report to the Island Lord, where they meet the Canaries, a group of powerful elves from the west who have come to take control of the dungeon. 

To prevent the elves from taking control and to gain Laios, whom he believes is the closest to becoming the lord of the dungeon, more time, Kabru requests them to let him evacuate the dungeon. 

The elves agree but warn him they will be keeping an eye on him and will send troops if anything goes wrong.

Meanwhile, a member of Shuro’s party, Izutsumi, who is affected by black magic curses that have turned her into a beast-man, joins Laios’ party. 

Laios’ party, who have not given up hope of saving Falin, are taken to the Golden Country by a ghost. Due to the curse, the residents there are immortal. 

There, Laios’ party meets Yaad, Delgal’s grandson, who tells them about a prophecy regarding the one who will defeat the Mad Mage and set the people of the Golden Country free. 

The prophesied one will arrive with a winged sword, a sword that Laios possesses. Laios had taken the sword from a living armor. 

The sword had a mollusk-like monster attached to it that Laios never got rid of and named Kensuke. The monster has now evolved into the shape of a winged lion.

Yaad tells them that the Winged Lion is their guardian deity. It is imprisoned by the Mad Mage but still guides them through prophecies in their dreams. 

As Laios possesses Kensuke, he might be the prophesied one—the one who will defeat the Mad Mage and become the next ruler of the Golden Country.

To defeat the Mad Mage, Yaad asks Laios’ party to seek help from the Winged Lion imprisoned deep within the dungeon. Laios’ party then sets out to find the Winged Lion.

Ending explained:

Senshi’s story

Laios’ party returns to the dungeon and encounters a griffin. After they manage to defeat it, Senshi reveals that his fear of griffins stems from his past. 

When he was young, he worked as a miner. One day, his crew discovered the dungeon, which was full of gold back then. 

They ventured inside for gold but soon found themselves trapped in the dungeon, which was infested with monsters.

Slowly, his crew started losing members as they searched for food and a way out. Eventually, apart from Senshi, only two members remained. 

One of them, Brigan, wanted to abandon Senshi, while the other, Gillin, wanted to provide for him, leading to a fight between them. 

Gillin then told Senshi that Brigan was killed by a griffin. He fed Senshi griffin meat, claiming he had managed to kill the monster after it killed Brigan. 

Senshi suspected that Gillin killed Brigan and fed Senshi human meat, which he ate without question because he was starving. 

Eventually, Senshi was the only one who survived and made it to the surface. He later joined Laios’ party, but he still questions whether the meat he ate was that of a griffin or a human.

Laios figures out that it was not a griffin that attacked Senshi’s crew but a hippogriff that had been transformed into a griffin by a monster called changelings. 

By feeding Senshi the meat of a hippogriff, he helps confirm that Gillin did not lie to him and did not feed him human meat.

Deeper into the dungeon

While Senshi gains closure, Laios’ party accidentally steps into a circle of changelings and gets transformed into different species, making it difficult to fight monsters. 

With Kensuke’s help, Laios’ party crosses a door that leads them deeper into the dungeon, only to be attacked by gargoyles. 

They escape the gargoyles once, but the monsters find them again, leaving them no choice but to fight. Laios’ sword ends up in a circle of changelings and transforms. 

Realizing they are covered in spores of changelings, Laios and his companions manage to transform the gargoyles by forming a circle and making them pass through it. 

Once the gargoyles are subdued, Laios’ party washes off the spores and regains their original bodies. Laios is also forced to wash Kensuke.

As the party moves forward, they find a trolley that starts moving as soon as they board it, taking them to an unknown destination.

Laios’s plans

Since they have no choice but to wait and see where the trolley takes them, Senshi and Laios discuss Falin’s situation. 

Senshi surmises that Falin can be saved and turned back into a human if she is separated from the lower half of her new body. 

He points out that all the Red Dragon meat eventually turned back into flesh and blood, which was later fused with Falin by the Mad Mage. 

The only meat that did not get fused with Falin was the portion Laios’ party ate. Senshi concludes that if they eat the entire Red Dragon, its soul will be separated from Falin.

Laios now aims to free the Winged Lion and fight the Mad Mage with its help. Then, he will separate Falin’s soul from that of the Red Dragon by eating the dragon meat. 

Laios plans to gather all the people he has met on his journey to help finish the dragon meat.

At the same time, Namari, Shuro, and Kabru enter the dungeon with the Canaries. The three of them recognize that the dungeon has changed.

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