My Daemon review: A delightful story of friendship

In My Daemon, a boy named Kento travels across Japan with Anna, his daemon, to bring his mother back to life. He encounters danger at every step, as not everyone considers Anna harmless. The show is now streaming on Netflix.


In post-apocalyptic Japan, creatures with mysterious abilities, called daemons, are born when daemonium particles, which are a result of a nuclear disaster, hatch. These creatures are feared and despised by humans.

Humans treat daemons with cruelty in order to control them, but the show’s protagonist, Kento, is different. Kento raises a daemon, Anna, and adores her. He does not find the need to oppress her and treats her like family.

When a nun reports Kento for keeping a daemon without a permit, a company, Peace Organization, finds out about Anna’s ability to store objects in a space where they are not affected by the passage of time. The company wants to study Anna, so it places a bounty on her head.

Kento and Anna are then attacked by a bounty hunter, and Kento’s mother loses her life while protecting them. Kento, who has heard rumors about a daemon that can reverse time, is determined to bring his mother back to life.

He makes Anna store his mother’s body and sets out to find the daemon that can reverse time. In a world where humans and daemons cannot trust each other, Kento and Anna’s journey is full of challenges. 

With the Peace Organization looking for Anna, Kento and Anna find themselves in danger several times, but they also make friends who help them. This is the story of Kento and Anna’s adventures, their courage, their kindness, and their unbreakable bond.


Kento and Anna’s adventures take them to different places where they meet different daemons. The show imagines how all these cities have been affected by the presence of daemons with various abilities. The variety, in setting and fights, prevents the adventures from being mundane.

Initially, Anna’s ability does not seem that impressive. However, the show uses it in many fascinating and unexpected ways. It amazes the audience when they see how remarkable it is.

The show depicts how cruel human beings can be. To justify their actions, humans claim that daemons are evil and dangerous when it is the opposite. The audience will find themselves sympathizing with daemons. Unlike humans, daemons do not attack for no reason. 

Kento and Anna’s bond makes the show heartwarming. Their love is stronger than the prejudices created by humans. The two characters win the hearts of the characters in the show and the audience.

Kento is a sweet and likable protagonist. He has that innocence that makes him see the goodness in people around him and trust them, but that does not make him careless in any way. His kindness further adds to his charm. 


The audience will come to love Kento and Anna’s friendship, which is why they will be dissatisfied when the show does not dedicate enough time to Anna’s end. The end of her story in the first season is rushed, so it fails to move the audience.

While the animation is good enough and even great at times, there are instances when the events onscreen seem too unnatural and awkward. One cannot help but be disappointed by the inconsistent quality of animation. 


My Daemon is a show full of exciting adventures and heartwarming relationships. If you wish to watch a feel-good fantasy show, you should add it to your watchlist.

My Daemon
My Daemon review: A delightful story of friendship 1

Director: Nat Yoswatananont

Date Created: 2023-11-23 23:54

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