My Daemon summary and ending explained

My Daemon follows the adventures of Kento and his daemon, Anna. While trying to save Kento’s mother, the two of them make new friends as well as face dangerous enemies in post-apocalyptic Japan. The show is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

In the world of My Daemon, a nuclear disaster resulted in the spread of daemonium particles. When these particles hatch, different kinds of creatures are born. These creatures are called daemons.

Daemons are considered extremely dangerous. It is because of the existence of daemons that the areas of human habitation have shrunk. Unlike other humans, an 11-year-old boy, Kento, is not wary of them. He even keeps a daemon, Anna, at home. 

Anna has been with Kento since the day she was born. She adores him just as much as he adores her. Daemons are known to have mysterious powers, and Anna’s power allows her to store things in a space where they are not affected by the passage of time. 

A nun sees Kento with Anna and reports him for keeping a daemon illegally. In this world, humans can get a permit and keep daemons. Those who keep daemons are called daemon users. They make their daemons wear collars that are used to shock the creatures whenever they disobey their owners.

Due to the nun’s complaint, Peace Organization, a company that conducts research on daemons, becomes aware of Anna’s ability and places a bounty on Anna’s head. A daemon user attacks Kento and Anna, and Kento’s mother sacrifices her life to save her son.

Kento has heard rumors about a daemon that can reverse time, so he leaves his hometown with Anna to find that daemon. Kento believes that the daemon will be able to bring his mother back to life. He asks Anna to store his mother’s body in order to prevent it from decomposing. 

On his way, Kento receives help from the employees of a delivery service. However, when the daemon user who has been hired to protect them finds out about the bounty, he tries to kill Kento and Anna. In the ensuing struggle, the daemon user dies.

Kento and Anna then reach a truck shop town and meet another daemon user, Kaede Houjou, and her shield daemon, Igisu. Kaede knows all about the bounty, but she still gives them a place to stay and becomes their friend.

Kento and Anna even aid Kaede in rescuing a young boy before leaving the town with her. They then encounter a mutant spider daemon that captures Kento, Anna, and a girl named Momoka. 

Kaede and Momoka’s father come to rescue the children with other daemon users. While fighting the daemon, Kento gets hurt. Anna, who is a tiny daemon, transforms into a big daemon and kills the spider daemon all by herself to save Kento.

The daemon users who had come with Kaede and Momoka’s father inform the Peace Organization about Kento’s whereabouts. The company wants to study Anna because storage daemons are considered extremely dangerous.

Years ago, a storage daemon made a whole island, Seori Island, disappear. The daughter of the chairman of the Peace Organization was visiting the island when it happened. The chairman wants to find a way to get his daughter back, so he is ready to do whatever he can to study Anna.

The chairman is Kaede’s grandfather, and his daughter is Kaede’s mother. The chairman knows that Kaede is protecting Kento and Anna, so he sends his best daemon user, Kokonoe, to capture Anna. 

Kokonoe kidnaps Anna, who is then taken to the Peace Organization’s headquarters. The chairman despises daemons. He tells Anna that she will make Kento miserable one day, and Anna believes him. 

With the help of Kaede’s friend, Ichinose, who works for the Peace Organization, Kaede and Kento sneak into the headquarters to get Anna back. 

Kento was one of the people who were affected by the daemonium particles after the nuclear disaster. There is a particle in Kento’s head that has been growing. Soon, it will hatch and kill Kento. 

However, the presence of this particle allows Kento to speak to daemons and detect their presence. Kento’s kindness makes it easier for daemons, who are oppressed by humans, to trust him.

While saving Anna, Kento gets hurt again, leading to Anna’s transformation. When the time comes to escape, Anna flees the place without Kento because she has started believing that she will make him miserable.

The Peace Organization makes Kento live with Kokonoe, who grows close to Kento and starts seeing Kento as family. Kokonoe still has to follow his orders. He knows that Kento will soon find Anna, which would allow Kokonoe to capture Anna again.

As expected, Kento does find Anna, but Kokonoe fails to capture her. Kento and Anna escape, and Kento assures Anna that she makes him happy, as she is his family. After his failure, Kokonoe sends another daemon user, Ando, after Kento and Anna, but even she lets them go after witnessing Kento’s kindness.

Kento then reaches a city called Hakata and meets a boy named Kiriko, who allows Kento and Anna to stay with him. When the Ministry of Defense comes to know about Anna’s powers, the military also starts looking for her.

The authorities and the Peace Organization are searching for Kento and Anna, but Kiriko is not scared of them or Anna. It turns out that Kiriko is a daemon. He has been living among humans in the body of a human boy to observe humans. 

Furthermore, Kiriko is the daemon Kento has been looking for. He cannot reverse time, but he can restore things to their original state. Surprisingly, this daemon, the Restoration Daemon, can even speak. 

Upon Kento’s request, the Restoration Daemon tries to restore Kento’s mother’s body, but the military finds them at that very moment, forcing them to abandon the body. The Restoration Daemon manages to kill the soldiers who attack them and flee with Kento and Anna.

With Kento and Anna missing, the government decides to evacuate people from Hakata, in case Anna gets triggered and makes the whole city disappear.

My Daemon ending explained in detail:

What does the Restoration Daemon want?

The Restoration Daemon is sick of humans oppressing daemons for their own benefit. He wishes to create a new world by annihilating humankind. This new world will offer daemons freedom and safety.

The Restoration Daemon uses the blood that he has taken from Kento’s mother’s body to transform into Kento’s mother. Using his mother’s form, he tries to get Kento to work with him and create this new world.

To free daemons, the Restoration Daemon plans to restore Pandaemonium, a powerful daemon that killed millions of humans fifty years ago. Nuclear weapons had to be used to kill that daemon, and today, only a claw of Pandaemonium is left.

The Restoration Daemon can bring back Pandaemonium’s body using the claw, but the claw is stored inside a glass that cannot be broken easily. He needs Anna to make that glass disappear and give him access to the claw.

Does Anna side with the Restoration Daemon?

Kaede, along with Igisu, comes to Hakata to rescue Kento and Anna. She refuses to work with Kokonoe and his associate, Yagi, as she knows that they will not disobey their orders and capture Anna as soon as they rescue her.

Kaede finds Kento and Anna, who are staying with the Restoration Daemon. The daemon has taken the form of Kento’s mother. Kento knows that the woman he has been staying with is not his mother, but he wants to continue living this lie because he thinks that the daemon will eventually learn to be his mother.

The Restoration Daemon attacks Igisu, which leads to a fight between the Restoration Daemon and Kaede. The Restoration Daemon stabs Kaede and tells Kento that he will restore a dying Kaede’s body to its former state only if Kento and Anna go with him. Kento agrees, and the Restoration Daemon saves Kaede’s life.

The Restoration Daemon takes the form of a soldier and takes Kento and Anna to the museum. He uses the collar that humans use to control daemons to torture Kento, leaving Anna no choice but to do the Restoration Daemon’s bidding. 

The Restoration Daemon’s torture causes the daemonium particle in Kento’s head to hatch, resulting in Kento’s death. The Restoration Daemon does not let Kento die and restores his body, but by that time, a distressed Anna has already transformed and destroyed the glass. 

Kaede, Kokonoe, Yagi, and Ando come to Kento and Anna’s rescue with their daemons. The Restoration Daemon then asks Anna to either side with humans or daemons. 

Although Anna knows that the Restoration Daemon will try to kill her if she sides with humans, she still refuses to work with the Restoration Daemon. Anna is Kento’s family and will always side with him.

How do Kento and Anna defeat the Restoration Daemon?

The Restoration Daemon gets his hands on the claw and restores Pandaemonium. He controls the giant daemon and wreaks havoc. The government needs to stop Pandaemonium before it kills all humans and destroys their cities. 

To do that, they will have to use nuclear weapons and sacrifice the lives of the people who will be caught up in the blast. Instead of leaving with their friends, Kento and Anna stay back to help people escape the city. Their friends and Chumimin, the daemon that was born from the particle in Kento’s head, also lend them a hand. 

Chumimin’s ability allows him to communicate with daemons, even the ones who are not close by. Chumimin calls various daemons to help humans. Chumimin’s powers give Kento an idea, and he goes to Hakata to talk to the Restoration Daemon.

With Chumimin’s help, Kento speaks to the Restoration Daemon and promises him that he will create a world where daemons are not oppressed by humans. However, the Restoration Daemon does not believe that Kento can do that without exterminating the human species.

The government attacks the Restoration Daemon with nuclear missiles, and Kento’s friends decide to stay by his side, knowing that they will be caught up in the blast and die. Anna then stores everything in her vicinity, including Kento, the Restoration Daemon, the missiles, and Kento’s friends, to save human lives.

The space inside Anna restricts the power of other daemons. When the Restoration Daemon refuses to change his ways, Anna shields her friends and attacks the daemon with the missiles. 

Before dying, the Restoration Daemon decides to place his trust in Kento’s vision of a world where humans and daemons can coexist peacefully. He also gives Kento Kiriko’s student ID and asks him to bury it.

Is Anna dead or alive?

After the Restoration Daemon’s defeat, everyone, except Anna, leaves the storage space inside Anna. The blast weakens Anna. She disappears, leaving Kento to mourn the loss of his friend and mother. 

As Kaede almost lost her life in the blast and was saved by a daemon, the chairman realizes his mistakes. He now knows that he should have worked with daemons instead of hating them. 

Kaede tells the chairman that she saw Seori Island when she was in the storage space inside Anna. She believes that all storage daemons share the same space. The chairman will continue finding his daughter, but this time, he will have the support of his granddaughter.

Kento, who is now well known, works to eliminate hatred between humans and daemons. The world changes after the incident. People do not fear daemons anymore and are seen getting along with them.

Although Kento is surrounded by friends who love him, he still misses Anna. One day, Kento catches a glimpse of the Restoration Daemon in the crowd, and Kento’s eyes get the color of the Restoration Daemon’s eyes. 

Later, when he visits his mother’s grave, he hears Anna’s voice, and his eyes change color again. Kento looks at someone and smiles, hinting that either the Restoration Daemon has some sort of control over Kento or Anna is alive.

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