Maldivas review: Mediocre plot hidden in the lush setting

Maldivas is a mystery drama series about Liz Lobato, who relocates from Goiânia to Rio de Janeiro and into a luxurious condo after her mother’s untimely death. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


Liz Labato (Bruna Marquezine) travels to Maldivas, a posh Rio de Janeiro condo, in search of her mother, Patricia Duque, but instead discovers her mother, Patricia (Vanessa Gerbelli), has died as a result of a fire in her unit.

In the personal lives of Maldivas inhabitants Kate (Carol Castro), Milene (Manu Gavassi), and Rayssa (Sheron Menezes), Patricia is the focus of all.

Denilson (Enzo Romani), a homicide investigator, is in charge of the case, which includes Kat, Milene, and Rayssa as suspects.

Liz conducts her investigation into her mother’s murder, but she catches the attention of investigator Denilson. Liz is interrogated by Detective Denilson, who also arranges for a DNA test.

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He discovered that Liz is Patricia’s daughter and that her mother was responsible for the murder of Liz’s father. Patricia is not dead, which was a surprise discovery.

Veronica (Natalia Klein) assists Patricia in escaping, but she is abducted by Joana, Liz’s grandmother, who intends to murder her mother.


Bruna Marquezine, who plays Liz, does a wonderful job as the lead character. Vanessa Gerbelli, who plays Liz’s mother, is the one to look out for. She has done an outstanding job and has nailed the role.

Carol Castro, Manu Gavassi, and Sheron Menezes, who play Kate, Milene, and Rayssa, may have done a greater job as their characters had been given more screen time.

Enzo Romani’s portrayal of investigator Denilson is also superb. In addition to Vanessa Gerbelli, Natalia Klein, as Verônica, has excelled in her part.


Although the plot of Maldivas appears to be a little dull at first, things swiftly pick up. It improves and becomes more engaging with each episode. Most episodes end on a cliffhanger, and you can’t wait to see what happens in the following one.

Fortunately, Maldivas does not become tedious due to the large cast of characters. It features a slew of superstars, including Bruna Marquezine and Manu Gavassi, who mix drama with reality in their performances in this series. The background music, on the other hand, is quite good.


The plot appears to be slow-moving at first. The supporting characters’ backstories occasionally seemed to stretch on longer than they needed to and strove too hard. With their luxurious buildings and lives, the characters are unrelatable to the general public.

The plot is ridiculous, and the dialogues are uninteresting. The cinematography and direction could have been more polished. The narrator’s voice-over seems a bit tacky. The series’ title ‘Maldivas’ is actually somewhat perplexing for the non-speaking Portuguese public.


Maldivas would be a good addition to your list of shows to watch because it contains everything you might want in a show; mystery, romance, and drama, with the exception of the plot.

Rating 2.5/5

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