Maldivas summary and ending explained

Maldivas is a mystery drama series about Liz Lobato, who travels from to Rio de Janeiro and into a posh condo after her mother’s death under unexplained circumstances. It is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot Summary

Liz Labato goes to Maldivas, a luxury Rio de Janeiro condo, after being engaged to learn more about her mother, Patrícia Duque, but instead discovers her mother’s death due to her apartment on fire.

Patricia was named Maldivas’ manager after defeating Milene with one vote from Verônica, who was made assistant manager. Kat and her spouse played a ruse with Patricia’s documents. Rayssa is sent photographs that could reveal her hidden open marriage. Milene is afraid of being caught stealing from the condo. Patricia is at the centre of everything.

Denilson, a homicide detective, is assigned to the investigation and suspects Kat, Milene, and Rayssa. Meanwhile, a gang, with Milene’s help, steals cars from the condo during the funeral.

Liz proceeds to submit a report and meets investigator Denilson, who tells her more about the case. She later breaks into her mother’s apartment and finds out the murder weapon is the rule book written by Milene.

She breaks into her mother’s mailbox where she finds out about the fraudulent bank account created by Kat and Gustavo. She begins off evolving her investigation but falls on detective Denilson’s radar.

Detective Denilson interrogates Liz and gets her DNA test done. He finds out that Liz is Patricia’s daughter and her mother’s crime of killing Liz’s father. The surprising finding is that Patricia is not dead.

Liz also discovers a gunshot at the crime scene. She points her fingers at Veronica and keeps a careful eye on her. Patricia is alive and wants to meet her daughter. Veronica made a fake passport for her to escape.

Liz was taken away from her mother by her grandmother, who is also looking for her mother. The two bullets are examined, but they are not from the same gun; rather, they match a third bullet that Liz’s mother used to murder her father.

Liz’s mother tries but fails to flee. Liz’s grandmother’s employee, Maura, was murdered by Patricia and Veronica. Both of them are kidnapped and their car is set on fire.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here’s a full breakdown.

Maldivas ending explained in detail: (Episode 7)


Liz’s mother and Veronica have been abducted. Miguel, Liz’s fiancé, listens to the recordings of the equipment he installed in Veronica’s room to spy on her.

Liza interrogates her fiancé about the sudden wedding plans although he has always advised her not to visit Rio de Janeiro. He reassures Liz’s grandmother that he will locate her mother and persuades Liz that he cares.

Denilson and his co-workers look into the fire. Liz’s mother inquiries to the condo’s security chief, who kidnapped her. She tells him to report her to the cops, and that his boss, Liz’s grandmother, has a connection with the cops.

Liz’s grandma attempted to murder her mother at the time.


Kate steals the money from Rayssa’s spa, where she had invested. Rayssa appears and inquires whether she is acting strangely. Kate, in turn, interrogates her about her actions.

Rayssa informs her that she and her spouse are separating. Kate informs her that she is aware of the images and asks if Rayssa has been approached for payment. Kate warns her that if she doesn’t, she might have enraged someone who will expose her.

Meanwhile, Milene’s husband attempts to persuade her, which she gently refuses. Kate returns home to find her spouse telling her that other people are interested in money laundering and will earn 20% of the proceeds.

Marlene’s husband, who is having an affair with Rayssa, shows up later. He inquires if Meline is having an affair and expresses his desire to rekindle his relationship with his wife. Liz’s bachelorette celebration brings together all four ladies.

Later, Liz pays a visit to investigator Denilson, who admits to having affection for her.

The truth

Veronica attempts to flee and is apprehended at Maldivas. The cops match the burned car with Veronica’s car. They search the apartment for her and discover her in the corridor.

She reveals that the woman broke into Patricia’s residence with the intent of murdering her. Veronica was the one who saved Patricia by hitting her head with the book’s box. While Patricia and the woman were fighting, the flat caught fire. Joana, her grandmother, is attempting to murder her mother, she reveals to Liz. Veronica was therefore detained.

Joana travels to Rio de Jenario to attend Liz’s wedding at Maldivas. Liz receives confirmation from Detective Denilson that Veronica was correct.

Rayssa tells Meline about her romance and asks if she sent the photos, but they were provided by Rayssa’s husband’s boyfriend and her hairdresser.

Patricia realises she’s being held captive in her flat, so she ignites a fire. Joana confronts Detective Denilson after he saves Patricia. Liz implores her grandmother to allow her mother to leave. Liz, on the other hand, saves her mother by murdering her grandmother. It is revealed that Liz killed her father, as she bids adieu to her mother, Patricia, whose actual name is Leia.

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