Love is in the Air review: Mediocre at best

Love is in the Air is a romantic comedy that unfolds the story of Dana Randall, a determined pilot fully committed to the noble mission of Fullerton Airways, a non-profit air service located in the picturesque landscapes of Far North Queensland, Australia. Leading this company are Dana, her father Jeff, and their loyal mechanic companion, Nikki.

The plot takes an intriguing twist when William, a representative from the London-based equity firm, ITCM Financial, lands on their doorstep with the intent of scrutinizing Fullerton Airways’ financials and potentially halting their operations. However, everything goes askew when he falls for Dana.


Love is in the Air introduces us to Dana, who serves as the chief pilot for her father, Jeff’s, aviation company, Fullerton Airways, located in Queensland, Australia. Jeff, grappling with financial difficulties, urges Dana to prioritize paid tours, but she remains steadfast in her commitment to remote deliveries and emergency missions over monetary gain.

Meanwhile, across the ocean in London, William Mitchell receives a directive from his father, who is the owner of ITCM Financial, a private equity firm. William’s mission is to travel to Australia to assess their client, Fullerton Airways, with the intention of shutting them down due to their precarious financial situation.

Dana and William’s paths cross, and amidst the turbulence of their initial encounter, love begins to blossom between them. However, as William conceals his true motives and a formidable storm approaches, their budding romance faces numerous challenges on its journey.


Delta Goodrem takes on the role of Dana with a dedicated performance that effectively captures the essence of her character. She portrays a determined and ambitious woman who struggles to let go of her past for the sake of the company’s future. While her performance may not be a revelation, it aligns well with the film’s overarching narrative.

Joshua Sasse, in his portrayal of William, makes a respectable addition to the cast. However, his character’s depth and personality fail to fully shine through, primarily due to limitations in the script that restrict his ability to showcase his acting skills. As a result, Sasse’s rendition of William comes across as somewhat two-dimensional.

Supporting cast members Roy Billing, Steph Tisdell, and Hugh Parker play their roles competently, though they too find themselves with limited opportunities to leave a lasting impression, serving mainly to advance the plot.


Love is in the Air doesn’t fall into the category of a poor film; instead, it treads familiar ground we’ve encountered many times in the past.

The stunning Australian landscapes serve as the film’s standout feature, providing a breathtaking backdrop that elevates its overall appeal. Additionally, the cinematography, music selection, and editing all contribute to the film’s overall quality.

With a brisk pace and a runtime of just 88 minutes, Love is in the Air swiftly glides along, ensuring it doesn’t overstay its welcome and keeps the audience engaged.


Regrettably, this aviation love story experiences more setbacks than successes. Hampered by lackluster writing and the use of clichéd story elements, this highly predictable romantic comedy frequently falls short of expectations.

Love is in the Air places excessive emphasis on themes of family and ambition, leaving minimal room for genuine romantic development. None of the scenes manage to evoke heartfelt emotions, and the chemistry between the leading characters remains noticeably lacking.

Director Adrian Powers makes an effort to weave messages about letting go of the past, valuing family bonds, and pursuing one’s heart throughout the film. However, the thin plot fails to provide the necessary depth for these morals to truly resonate with the audience.


Ultimately, Love is in the Air falls into the category of yet another run-of-the-mill Netflix romantic comedy that struggles to leave a lasting impression and ultimately merits a single viewing, at best. Approach it with tempered expectations, and you might find some enjoyment in it.

Love is in the Air
Love is in the Air review: Mediocre at best 1

Director: Adrian Powers

Date Created: 2023-09-29 13:00

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