Jewish Matchmaking review: Not as entertaining as its Indian counterpart 

In Jewish Matchmaking, Aleeza Ben Shalom helps single Jewish people in the US and Israel find a partner who is perfect for them. The reality show is now streaming on Netflix. 


Like Indian Matchmaking, a matchmaker helps singles find their perfect match in Jewish Matchmaking also. The matchmaker in question is Aleeza Ben Shalom, who is also a dating coach and has matched around two hundred Jewish couples who ended up getting married.

Among the people looking for their perfect match are Dani, a woman who wants a man whose eyebrows are as flawless as hers, Ori, a man who lives with his parents and wants an attractive partner, and Harmonie, a woman who greatly values sexual attraction. 

Then there is Cindy, whose past might stand in the way of finding the perfect match, and Noah, whose first marriage was not good for him. Aleeza also meets Fay, who wants someone who is an Orthodox like her.

Aleeza makes a client named Stuart get a makeover before his first date. She also meets Nakysha, who loves riding motorcycles and has not dated a Jewish man yet, and Noah, who is young and not an Orthodox or practicing Jew.


Aleeza states that there are millions of Jews around the world, so there are millions of ways of being Jewish. The audience gets to see that in a way, as there are different types of clients in the show, practicing Judaism in their own distinct ways.

The audience also gets to learn about Jewish culture to a certain extent. The show allows the audience to get a glimpse of the community and its traditions.

Aleeza is the kind of matchmaker who gives her clients space to choose for themselves without trying to force them into anything. She tries to understand her clients’ feelings and what exactly they are looking for, which makes the audience like her.


Aleeza’s matchmaking business is neither interesting nor entertaining enough to get a reality show. Even her theories, like “analysis paralysis”, and the advice that she gives to her clients, like “date ‘em till you hate ‘em”, fail to make it interesting.

Additionally, the audience does not get invested in the relationships of most of the couples that are introduced in the show. It could be because the show introduces too many couples without giving each of them enough time to capture the audience’s attention.


Reality shows should not be bland, but unfortunately, Jewish Matchmaking is just that. It cannot entertain the audience for more than one or two episodes. The show does not offer anything that would make the audience want to finish it. 

Jewish Matchmaking
Jewish Matchmaking review: Not as entertaining as its Indian counterpart  1

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