Jagged Mind review: Less exciting and more confusing

In Jagged Mind, Billie is trapped in a time loop. Her blackouts and strange visions suggest that this has something to do with her new girlfriend. The movie is now streaming on Hulu.


Billie has been suffering from blackouts and visions for a while now. She likes to think that it is because she has inherited her mother’s early dementia.

At her ex-girlfriend’s art exhibition, Billie meets a model named Rose Porter, who somehow knows about Billie’s blackouts and wants her to remember something.

Billie forgets about Rose once she gets into a relationship with a woman named Alex, whom she met at a bar. At first, Alex seems like the nicest girlfriend who wants their relationship to be perfect.

Billie’s visions show her the true face of Alex, who could actually be very mean and toxic. Billie finally starts investigating Alex when she learns that Alex knew Rose.


Maisie Richardson-Sellers and Shannon Woodward both deliver powerhouse performances in the film. They are at the heart of the film, as they should be.

Richardson-Sellers plays Billie, who is the victim in the film. She often blames the visions she is witnessing on her early dementia. However, Richardson-Sellers’ portrayal of Billie never shows the character as dumb or oblivious to what is happening.

Richardson-Sellers’ performance gives viewers the hint that Billie is quite smart, and all of that comes true toward the end of the film.

Shannon Woodward, on the other hand, plays Alex. It can be said that Woodward does a great job of acting nice. She hints at the evil characteristics of her character even when she is being nice. With that, nobody will clearly like Woodward’s character from the very start.


Jagged Mind has quite a different and fresh premise. It effectively uses its time loop as a reference or metaphor for how people are trapped in toxic relationships. Characters in the film keep using it to get back to their loved ones.

The film stays true to its main topic of discussion, which is domestic abuse. It is portrayed in a very scary and brutal way. The dialogues given to the negative character of Alex are very hurtful, and one just feels bad for Billie.

The visions that Billie sees are primarily left unexplored, which is great. Although it can be frustrating as well, in the end, it keeps the viewer wondering what must have happened in the previous versions of Billie’s life. The visions show fights between Alex and Billie that are scary, and a viewer questions whether that part is better left unexplored or not.


Jagged Mind also pretty much deals with the supernatural. Unfortunately, the supernatural part of the film never excites a viewer. This part is supposed to hook everyone in the first half-hour. However, a viewer is just made to believe it will be explored later; the film doesn’t dive deep into it at all.

The short duration of the film has so many revelations that the chemistry Maisie Richardson-Sellers and Shannon Woodward should have formed is neglected. It’s hard to see Billie and Alex as a couple, as viewers never see them making a heartfelt connection.

Lastly, the narrative only does the job of confusing the viewers, who should know everything about what is happening. The viewers themselves are left questioning certain things after every revelation.


Jagged Mind has a very dark and scary premise concerning domestic abuse, but the narrative mostly confuses the viewers. The supernatural element is interesting. However, it will be largely forgotten in favor of the horrors that Billie and Alex’s toxic relationship brings.

Jagged Mind
Jagged Mind review: Less exciting and more confusing 1

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