Jagged Mind summary and ending explained

In Jagged Mind, Billie gets trapped in a time loop that is possibly connected to her new girlfriend. The time loop is accompanied by strange visions that haunt her throughout the film. The movie is now streaming on Hulu.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

After hooking up with her ex-girlfriend, Christine, Billie wakes up at home all alone. Billie’s friend, Kim, reminds her of how Christine hurt Billie on a phone call.

Kim also instructs her to keep doing her memory exercises every day. Billie’s mother suffered from early dementia, and chances are that Billie might be suffering from the same too.

During a run around the town, Billie faces a blackout and is taken to a bar, where she meets a woman named Alex, who offers her a drink. They flirt, but Billie leaves her to attend an art show conducted by Christine.

Billie and Christine come close during the event. While the latter sees a cut on Billie’s thigh, the former notices a model named Rose Porter staring at her. Soon after, while making out with Christine, Billie faces a blackout again and goes back to the bar where she met Alex.

When she comes back to the art show, she talks to Rose and learns that Rose knows about her blackouts. Rose tries to help her remember a few things before being stopped by Christine.

Another blackout later sends Billie back to the bar. This time, she invites Alex to the event, where Billie finds Christine missing. Billie and Alex end up kissing at the event. Rose sees them leaving the place together from a distance.

Billie and Alex’s hookup starts paving the way for a proper relationship. However, Billie’s blackouts continue, accompanied by strange visions. At times, she also envisions herself almost dying. The doctors aren’t able to explain Billie’s blackouts; they aren’t anything like Alzheimer’s or early dementia.

Alex continues to act like a good girlfriend. She collects their photos and helps Billie remember their memories. However, Billie also sometimes sees Alex being completely rude and toxic, only to snap into a blackout and come back to see how nice she is.

Billie blames her condition for these visions. It is revealed that Alex is collecting Billie’s blood at night when she is unconscious. Alex does her best to clear the path for her by creating a rift between Billie and her friend, Kim, who seems like an obvious threat to her.

Billie starts doubting Alex and her eagerness to help her all the time. Billie wants to see the real Alex, and she feels the latter is not showing that side of hers.

A picture of Rose found inside Billie’s purse with “believe” written on it makes things uncomfortable for Alex. Back home, Billie looks for Christine and Rose on the internet. Christine hasn’t posted a picture on social media since the art exhibition, and now her mail says she has left and moved to Bali.

Looking into Rose reveals that Alex once worked with her. Billie goes to Rose’s house and discovers that she has killed herself. She also finds a box at her house that has appeared in her visions before.

Billie brings that box home. Just then, Alex arrives. Billie questions Alex about Rose, and their discussion ends in an argument with Billie asking Alex to leave.

Jagged Mind ending explained in detail:

What is Alex trying to do?

Once Alex leaves, Billie explores the contents of the mysterious box. It includes pictures of Alex following Christine and a drive that contains a video.

The video is a recorded conversation between Billie, Rose, and Papa Juste, who has appeared in front of Billie from time to time to warn her about something in Creole.

In the video, Rose lets Billie know that the visions or dreams that she is seeing actually happened. Alex erased those memories and events by resetting the days over and over again. 

Alex is doing this by using a powerful crystal that has the ability to do so. This crystal is fueled by Billie’s blood, and that explains the cuts on Billie’s body.

Every time Alex and Billie fall apart or break up, Alex resets the days and brings Billie back to the moment before things went bad using the crystal and Billie’s blood. This is why Billie feels they have never had a fight.

How can Billie stop Alex?

First, Rose used the crystal to get Alex back. When Alex discovered the power the crystal held, she stole it and became obsessed with it. The crystal changed Alex, and since then, she has been using it recklessly to make her relationship with Billie perfect.

In the video, Rose and Papa Juste tell Billie that the box she currently has will not be affected by the crystal’s reversal powers. Rose started writing notes every day with dates on them. When the dates started repeating, she realized that Alex is using the crystal.

Billie is asked to do the same in case Alex resets time again. Billie writes notes and dates on the book inside the box and locks it before Alex can reset the time.

Once Alex does reset it, Billie goes back to the moment she opened the box the first time and Alex arrived. Their conversation doesn’t end in a fight this time. Alex leaves in peace.

Billie continues to explore the box. Rose had told her to practice a spell to use the crystal for herself. Billie should reset the time back to before Rose met Alex. Once that part is done, she should return the crystal to Papa Juste because Billie can’t handle the crystal’s power.

Does Billie defeat Alex?

Billie and Alex spend time at the latter’s parent’s house for the weekend. Billie touches the crystal during that weekend and sees everything that went down between her and Alex.

Apparently, Billie and Alex were also engaged once. Alex got rid of Christine because Billie cheated on her with Christine. Alex has even killed Billie several times because she tried to end their relationship. Alex reset everything several times to bring Billie back and give this relationship a new start.

This time, Billie kills Alex and uses Alex’s blood to reset the days. When it’s done, she hands the box back to Papa Juste. Back at the bar where Billie meets Alex, the former declines Alex’s drink.

At the art exhibition, Billie also ends things with Christine. It is then revealed that Billie handed Papa Juste an empty box. Billie is in possession of the crystal, which has changed her.

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