It’s a Wonderful Binge review: It’s an unbearable cringe

Hulu’s stoner comedy sequel ‘It’s a Wonderful Binge’ sees the bingers return to contend with another day of the drinking and the drugs that also happens to coincide with Christmas this year.


It’s Christmas and The Binge this year happens to be on the same day as the festival. Andrew and Hags talk about life when the latter informs the other one that he’s decided to propose to Sarah; Andrew’s relationship with Kimmi isn’t as jovial right now.

Mayor Spengler is preparing for the Winter Wonderland event ahead when her Christmas Owl breaks free from his cage and flies away, wreaking havoc on the people all over. Kimmi is tasked to retrieve the bird.

Hags goes to meet Sarah’s father and informs him about his decision. Sarah’s grandmother gives him a ring that has been in their family for centuries. Later at dinner, Hags loses the ring and runs off to the orphanage to retrieve it.

Meanwhile, Andrew’s family has a loud row at the dinner table, prompting him to leave. Outside, he gets attacked by the owl and falls off the bridge, beneath which lives a man inside his makeshift tent house.

Andrew and the man rip a fat one together and start hallucinating, which leads the two to the same orphanage Hags has gone to. Sarah has also followed Hags alongside Kimmi, as she suspects her boyfriend of cheating.

Accompanying them is Kimmi’s uncle Kris, who’s visited his sister and niece after breaking out of prison and stealing a cop car. They all end up at the orphanage and Andrew, Kris, Hags, and the tent man all end up getting locked up.

Andrew’s family visits the police station, to his shock and eventual delight, and bails them all out, except for the tent man (he’s a serial killer). They all head out to Winter Wonderland and Hags to Sarah’s house, where he finally proposes to her.

At the event, Mayor Spengler announces she’s pulling out of the race and pardons her brother, even though that doesn’t really mean anything. Andrew and Kimmi reunite and kiss while Christmas is celebrated before ‘It’s a Wonderful Binge’ rolls the credits.


In a film that’s mostly a dud even when really targeted at the stoners, it’s the actors who turn out to be the only redeeming parts about the whole affair.


Eduardo, Dexter, Marta, and Zainne are all great at what they’re given, and it’s always a delight to watch Eduardo whip out his eccentric acting displays, even if he’s not nearly stoned enough here when compared to his character in the non-stoner ‘Stranger Things’.

Danny Trejo seems to be having a lot of fun which adds to the little genuine moments of joy that are dispersed throughout the film.

Tim Meadows is effortlessly funny in whatever material he’s given to deliver. Casey Frey’s less-than-satisfying cameo is also appreciated.


Even for a stoner comedy, the tropes and gags are all incredibly worn out and tired to match up to some standard for the genre. There are moments of comedy but they mostly work because of the comic timing of the actors alone.

The writing is non-existent, and the wacky elements are a pity and nowhere surreal enough to lend ‘It’s a Wonderful Binge’ any oomph whatsoever.


‘It’s a Wonderful Binge’ defies its title for most of its runtime, as viewers are taken through a series of unfunny scenes and dialogues devoid of humour and joy. It is, therefore, not a wonder why viewers might find this stoner comedy to be a severely sobering affair.

It’s a Wonderful Binge
It's a Wonderful Binge review: It's an unbearable cringe 1

Director: Jordan VanDina

Date Created: 2022-12-09 13:30

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