It’s a Wonderful Binge ending explained: Does Hags get the ring?

‘It’s a Wonderful Binge’ takes the viewers back to the world of the near future where drinking and drugs are banned except for one day called “The Binge”; the caveat this year is that it coincides with Christmas.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

‘It’s a Wonderful Binge’ begins with the narrator introducing another annual day celebrated by everyone as “The Binge”, offering a total of 24 hours to the citizens to indulge in drinking and drugs all they want.

Hags tells Andrew that he’s going to propose to Sarah, and asks the latter if he’s going to pop the question to Kimmi or not. However, Andrew and Kimmi are going through a rough patch.

Meanwhile, Kimmi’s mom, Mayor Spengler is hard at work preparing for the holiday event ‘Winter Wonderland’ and the speech she’s going to deliver. The Christmas owl inside the cage beside her breaks out and flies away, prompting Spengler to task Kimmi with the job of catching it.

Hags meets Sarah’s father and tells him he wants to marry his daughter. The dad has no problem and is quite happy, while the grandma gives him a family ring with quite a lot of history attached to it.

Later, at the dinner, Hags ends up doing drugs with Sarah’s grandmother and also loses the ring she gave him. As he leaves the dinner to find the ring, Sarah gets suspicious that he’s cheating on her and follows him along with Kimmi.

Accompanying them is Kimmi’s uncle Kris, who broke out of prison for a Christmas celebration with his niece and sister, stealing a police car in the process as well.

Meanwhile, Andrew storms out of his house when all his dads and other family members make a huge and loud scene at the dinner. He ends up getting attacked by the owl and falls from the bridge, where a man lives inside a tent.

He takes Andrew inside and the two have a binge together, getting so high that they start seeing simulations of the lives of Andrew’s loved ones as they might have been had he not been born.

These hallucinations lead them to the same orphanage that Hags has come to, to retrieve the gift box that has the ring. Kimmi and Sarah also arrive and eventually, Hags and Andrew, along with the tent man and Kris, all end up behind bars.

Meanwhile, the Winter Wonderland event is a disaster for Mayor Spengler, with the owl still at large and wreaking havoc, and countless bingers wreaking havoc at the event.

To his surprise and delight, Andrew’s family arrives at the police station to bail him and others out. They all then go to the event and the owl finally arrives too. Meanwhile, Hags meets Sarah and proposes to her, and even though he doesn’t have the ring, they’re happy.

Mayor Spengler announces she’s pulling out of the race. ‘It’s a Wonderful Binge’ ends with a Christmas miracle and happy reunions, as Andrew and Kimmi get together again and share a sweet kiss.

‘It’s a Wonderful Binge’ ending explained in detail:

Who has the ring?

Hags lost the historical ring that has been in Sarah’s family since the Ottoman Empire. He wraps it up inside a gift and puts it below the tree at Sarah’s house.

It turns out that the box has disappeared as it has been sent off to an orphanage. At the end of ‘It’s a Wonderful Binge’, Hags does get the gift box back but when he opens it to propose to Sarah with the ring, it turns out to be a Rubik’s cube instead.

The gift box gets switched with another similar-looking one. The boy who opens that box is furious to find a ring instead of the Rubik’s cube he wished for. He throws the ring away which finally ends up getting found by Andrew’s mother’s new boyfriend, who proposes to her with it.

Do Andrew and Kimmi get back together?

Yes, they do. In this Binge sequel, the two characters spend most of their time separate as they’re going through a rough patch in their relationship.

When Hags finally proposes to Sarah and uploads their sweet photo on social media, Kimmi is in the mood for reconciliation and love, and so is Andrew.

In a slick move, Andrew pulls out some bells and holds them above his head, as Kimmi closes in on him and the two kiss.

Is Uncle Kris pardoned?

Mayor Spengler believes in the Christmas miracle and the importance of family again. She announces in front of all the bingers that she’s pulling out of the race.

In her last Mayoral act, she also announces that she’s officially pardoning his brother, as his family and all the people at Winter Wonderland rejoice.

However, as she later on admits, she doesn’t wield the power to give anyone an official pardon. She then advises Kris to flee the country immediately after Christmas is over.

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