Invasion season 2 review: Not a satisfying improvement

As aliens continue to occupy the planet in Invasion season 2, the central characters struggle to protect their loved ones and put an end to the alien invasion. All episodes are now streaming on Apple TV+.


It has been four months since the aliens came to Earth. Several people have been killed or displaced. All the countries of the world have united to form the World Defense Coalition (WDC) in order to defeat the aliens.

The WDC is looking for Aneesha and her children. When Aneesha gets captured, she comes across the Movement, an organization that protects people but is also wanted by the WDC. Circumstances force a reluctant Aneesha to stick with the Movement.

A man named Nikhil Kapur brings Mitsuki to the alien ship that was shot down by humans. Mitsuki’s aim is to communicate with the alien entity. She risks everything to form a connection with the entity, but Dr. Maya Castillo has her back.

Jamila feels Caspar’s presence in her dreams, which leads her to believe that Caspar is still alive. Jamila runs away from home and sets out to find Caspar, but not without her friends’ help.

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Trevante is home and safe for the time being, but he is not satisfied with his life. He realizes that he cannot find happiness or peace unless he looks for answers, so he uses Caspar’s notebook to look for the answers that he needs.

In this war against aliens, will humans be able to discover the enemy’s weaknesses and the reason behind the invasion? What will it take for them to win the war against a superior species?


Shioli Kutsuna, who plays Mitsuki, is able to depict how Mitsuki has been burdened by her grief and guilt. Her performance is consistent and convincing. Similarly, the new additions, Naian Gonzalez Norvind and Shane Zaza, also play their parts well.

In this season, India Brown and Paddy Holland take center stage when Caspar is still missing, and they do not disappoint. Once Caspar is found, Billy Barratt gives a compelling performance. 

While Golshifteh Farahani plays the part of a protective mother well, the script does not give her any scope to be more than that. Lastly, Enver Gjokaj, Nedra Marie Taylor, and Shamier Anderson give adequate performances.


The show tells four different stories at the same time and balances them very well. They intertwine smoothly without the plot becoming muddled at any point.

In this season, Mitsuki’s story is the most engaging. Apart from her interactions with the alien entity and her role in the war, her struggle with her own feelings and her past also makes her story meaningful.

The show depicts a world where the threat of aliens is humanity’s biggest concern. It makes this world look convincing by making it familiar and very unfamiliar at the same time. Popular cities like Paris are recognizable, but the desolation makes them foreign and strange.

The aliens and the war seem real, even though it involves nuclear weapons, thanks to the visual effects. The alien entity that Mitsuki faces is perhaps the most visually appealing depiction of an alien.

When the aliens do make an appearance, the show is able to deliver some very tense and thrilling chase sequences. It makes the audience wish for more of them.


While some stories are engaging, there are many others that fail to get the audience invested. For the most part, Aneesha and Jamila’s stories are dull, as they do nothing but travel from one place to another to find the people they love. 

The second season has ten episodes, but not much happens in all those episodes. The plot development is limited, and the episodes are full of conversations, some very repetitive, and, as stated above, journeys that fail to pique interest. 

Invasion is about an alien invasion. Unfortunately, there are not enough aliens in the show. Aliens do make an appearance from time to time, but in so many cases, the invasion is a backdrop to the stories of the characters.


While Invasion season 2 is better than season 1, it is not satisfying because of dull stories, the absence of aliens, and limited plot development. There is still a lot of scope for improvement.

Invasion season 2
Invasion season 2 review: Not a satisfying improvement 1

Director: Alik Sakharov, Brad Anderson, Claudia Llosa, and Mathias Herndl

Date Created: 2023-10-25 19:29

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