Invasion season 2 finale recap, review & ending explained

In the finale of Invasion season 2, humans work together to open a portal that would allow them to launch an attack on the mothership. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.

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When Mitsuki wakes up, she tells Maya that she wants to go back to the mothership, as she believes that if she can open a portal, they can send soldiers to the mothership. However, Mitsuki needs to be stable to be able to do that.

Trevante informs Clark that all the people who were taken by aliens were returned, but they have been irresponsive since then. Trevante refuses to let Rose take all of them home in this condition, as he does not want their families to lose hope. However, he assures her that they will come back for them. 

While escaping with Clark and Rose, Trevante hears Caspar’s voice. Caspar is on the call with the president of the WDC and General Mitchell. He explains to them that they can hit all the aliens if they find a way to get to the mothership.

Trevante finds out that Caspar is alive. He overhears the WDC’s plan and wants to accompany Caspar to the mothership. However, the president refuses because she thinks that Trevante cannot be controlled. As Caspar claims that Trevante saved his life, Trevante is set free instead of being imprisoned again.

Jamila tells Monty that Caspar does not want her to accompany him to the mothership. Monty points out that in Caspar’s drawing, Jamila and Caspar are meant to be on different planets. Monty thinks that the world needs Jamila on this planet.

Unlike Aneesha, Clark and the Movement make it out of the base. The other members of the Movement want to leave without Aneesha and Sarah, but Clark and Ryder choose to stay and wait for Aneesha with Luke. 

General Mitchell convinces Aneesha to tell him about the shard. While she reveals that the shard reacts when the aliens are near and can harm them, she refuses to tell him how Luke communicates with it.

There is a portal in Idabel as well, and it is used by the aliens to take and return the people of the town to the crater. General Mitchell plans to find it. The president of the WDC wants Mitsuki to keep the portal open long enough to let a team of soldiers pass. Maya assures her that Mitsuki can do it.

Luke finds out that the military is looking for the portal. He can see the invisible portal that keeps moving. He can also feel the aliens approaching and knows that they are coming to protect the portal. 

At that very moment, the soldiers who had been pursuing the members of the Movement find them. Luke decides to take matters into his own hands. He faces the soldiers and tells them about the hunter-killers that are coming their way.

Invasion season 2 ending explained in detail:

Does Luke stop the aliens?

When the soldiers do not pay heed to Luke’s warnings, he controls a hunter-killer with his mind and stops it from attacking them. This convinces the soldiers that they need Luke’s help. 

Instead of arresting the members of the Movement, General Mitchell decides to work with Luke and his companions to find the portal. General Mitchell also informs Aneesha about Luke’s involvement, and she asks him to take her to her son because he trusts her. 

Luke, who can see everything that the aliens see, leads the soldiers to the portal. The town gets attacked by the hunter-killers that have arrived to safeguard the portal. Luke then tries to stop the aliens with his mind. 

The children who are with Caspar in Paris join forces with Luke to stop the aliens. Together, Luke and the children are able to kill the hunter-killers without even touching them. Luke, Clark, and Ryder are then reunited with Aneesha and Sarah. 

How is Mitsuki able to control the portal?

Mitsuki goes to the room where the alien entity used to be. Maya keeps talking to her and guides her. Maya reminds Mitsuki of the time that they have spent together to stabilize her, and Mitsuki is able to make the portal in Idabel visible.

Mitsuki opens the portal, but she struggles to control it. When a team of soldiers tries to pass through the portal, they are pushed back and injured. Mitsuki realizes that she cannot control the portal unless she loses herself and her mind to the aliens.

Mitsuki asks Maya to let her go, and Maya has no choice but to agree. Mitsuki then surrenders her mind to the alien consciousness and is able to control the portal. The portal is open and stable, but Mitsuki has become one with the aliens. 

What happens to Caspar?

As Caspar prepares to go to the alien mothership, Jamila comes to say goodbye. She now understands that she has fulfilled her purpose and that she needs to let Caspar do this on his own. 

She gives Caspar the drawing he made for her, and they promise to see each other in her dreams. Before losing consciousness, Caspar tells her that he wishes things were different. Jamila wants him to make things different.

As the soldiers who were supposed to join Caspar have been injured, Trevante decides to go in their place. General Mitchell gives him the alien shard before Trevante passes through the portal and it disappears once again.

Trevante and Caspar reunite. They will be working together as a team again. Caspar asks Trevante to follow him, but as soon as he turns around, his eyes change color for a second, indicating that Caspar is being controlled by the aliens.


  • Unlike the last few episodes, the finale is tightly packed and engaging. It holds the audience’s attention right to the end, as it has some exciting scenes.
  • The aliens also make an appearance, albeit a short one. Luke facing the aliens is one of the best scenes in this episode.
  • There are many goodbyes in this episode. They will make the audience fear for Caspar as well as feel the loss of Mitsuki. 
  • While the show has been hinting that Caspar has changed, the ending still takes one by surprise. It is a great way to end a season.
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