I Am a Killer season 4 review: Not as compelling as it could have been

In the fourth season of ‘I Am a Killer’, the lives of six convicted murderers and their crimes are explored from different perspectives. The docuseries is now streaming on Netflix.


Episode 1 focuses on Anthony Standifar and his upbringing. Anthony murdered a 69-year-old woman after breaking into her house. He was supposed to rob a drug dealer that night, but he entered the wrong house.

In episode 2, Jema Donahue and her complicated relationship with her mother came to light. Jema had shot and killed her husband after being subjected to domestic abuse for years.

Episode 3 explores an Afghanistan veteran’s struggle with PTSD, which he believes led him to kill his wife. His wife’s family does not agree that his mental illness was responsible for her death.

Episode 4 depicts the extent of control that a father can have over his children. Nasim Irsan is forced to participate in at least one murder by his father when his elder sister defies their father.

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In episode 5, Gary Black, a man with a long history of violence, expresses no regrets about killing an innocent man. It is believed that it was a racially motivated crime.

In episode 6, TJ claims that he accidentally murdered his best friend. However, the evidence and testimonies collected by the police suggest otherwise.


The docuseries takes a neutral stance. It lays out the details of the cases as they are for the viewers to form a judgment of their own, without any biases.

The viewers are introduced to the family and friends of the criminal as well as the family and friends of the victim. This allows the viewers to see the way one crime can impact so many lives.

Every episode begins with the account given by the perpetrator. When the viewers start believing them, the show presents those aspects of the case that paint a very different picture.

This docuseries shows how difficult it can be to reach the truth when every person has a different definition of it. The crime is explored from the perspective of various people who were involved in the case.


Some of the cases are quite interesting. However, the docuseries fails to generate the interest that it could have with better storytelling.

The pace at which the cases are examined is very slow. At times, the docuseries loses the attention of the viewers.


‘I Am a Killer’ season 4 can prove to be a disappointment to the fans of crime documentaries. However, viewers who enjoy looking at one incident from different points of view can give it a try.

I Am a Killer
I Am a Killer season 4 review: Not as compelling as it could have been 1

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