Hunters season 2 review: An intellectually invigorating binge

The historical drama series Hunters tells the story of Nazi hunters in New York City in 1977 who discover hundreds of senior Nazi figures plotting to establish a Fourth Reich. After devising a ruse, the Hunters set out to stop the Nazis from carrying out new genocidal plans and bring them to justice.


The first episode of Hunters season 2 serves as a recap. In 1979, Jonah is still looking for remnants of the Nazi regime. His second main goal is to find out who killed his grandmother.

After finding Biff in an inn, Jonah puts him to death. However, just before he dies, Biff gives a hint that sets up what will happen next: Hitler is still around. Jonah is now rebuilding the gang that Meyer caused to break up a year ago. After bringing everyone back, Jonah and Millie set out to locate Hitler in Argentina. Lonny, Roxy, Harriet, and Mindy all concur that Hitler must be eliminated.

Jonah’s girlfriend, Clara, doesn’t know anything about his past or where he is. On the other hand, she has strong suspicions. Similar to the initial assault on the Nazis, Jonah and his team are defeated by Chava and her team. At this point, it becomes abundantly clear that Chava and Harriet are participating in the attack. The story of Wilhelm, or Meyer, then slowly grows. The build-up to Ruth’s death is simultaneously revealed.

Jonah learns that Chava and Safta have a connection. Chava had a sister named Ruth. Chava asserts that she was aware of her relationship with Jonah but concealed it out of a desire to harm the Nazis. In light of the new information, Jonah teams up with Chava and George, her right-hand man, to locate Hitler.

The new alliance is now looking for the Nazis who used to look for Jews. After a series of events, Clara comes to Jonah because she thinks he is cheating on her. Shortly thereafter, Clara meets Chava and learns the truth about Jonah’s true identity and actions.

Until Travis and Joe, accompanied by a small group of Nazis, attack the hotel where Jonah’s troops are staying, Clara wants to leave. To safeguard herself and her husband, Hitler, the Colonel orders Travis and Joe to attack.

Travis takes Clara to a hiding place and takes her there. Joe recalls his past when he sees Lonny, Roxy, and George in the elevator. One shot from Joe kills George, but he only wounds Roxy.

Jonah arranges a vehicle for Lonny and Mindy to transport Roxy to a hospital while he is rushing to save Clara. With the assistance of Harriet, Chava, and Millie, Jonah saves Clara. Joe surprises everyone by betraying Travis and beginning to assist the group in capturing Hitler.

In a different timeline, Wilhelm’s backstory, which led to Ruth’s death, is seen. Ruth is attempting to prevent the fictitious Meyer from locating Nazis and executing them. However, much to his dismay, Ruth is incredibly determined to bring about justice. He murders people when they discover Wilhelm’s true identity.

With Joe’s assistance, the group sets out to capture Hitler right now. Chava recounts the story of Zev, the man she so deeply adored. He did everything in his power to protect the Jews from the Nazis, earning him the nickname “The Plague.”

When the group reaches the location where Hitler is hiding, a fight breaks out. While the team fights the Nazi soldiers, Jonah and Chava enter the mansion and confront Hitler and The Colonel’s close security.

Jonah prevents Hitler from fleeing after Chava is killed during the fight. Jonah drags Hitler through the woods after he is cornered. When Adolf threatens Jonah that his men will find him and kill him, he makes Jonah feel like a ghost. After that, Zev’s story is told by Jonah.

Numerous Jews, including the younger Zev, offered protection to Heinrich and Helga Hansom. The elderly couple would hide the Jews in the arctic or under the floors. As they got closer to the Jewish finds, three SS guards who went to this house were killed.

Because the guards could be fired if they returned without information, Tomas, one of the three SS guards who had just arrived at the house, shot the elderly couple to death; Additionally, Tomas has long desired the house for himself.

After this, the Jews had very little time to live. While the adults were ultimately killed, Zev and the other children were able to escape. After the story has come to an end, Jonah hands Hitler over to Zev. The guilt of Hitler will soon be proven.

Despite being found guilty of numerous atrocities, Hitler manages to escape. Travis and Colonel want to kill Hitler in a way that looks like suicide, and Colonel will take over and lead. Despite their closeness, Travis betrays Colonel and kills him. He longs to follow in the footsteps of others.

To Hitler’s dismay, Jonah and his crew followed the ambulance that had snuck Hitler away. Travis survives being shot and wounded before vanishing. Hitler is captured and held in prison. In contrast, Jonah sustains terrible wounds but manages to survive in the hospital.

Taking us back in time, it is revealed that Ruth had identified the fictitious Meyer and was eager to expose him. However, Wilhelm instructed a foe to kill Ruth because he was aware that she had to be silenced.

In 1979, Jonah and Clara get married. Harriet and Millie are in a relationship, and Millie is rewarded for her bravery in capturing Hitler despite her previous crimes. Mindy, Lonny, and Roxy are good friends; however, Joe’s whereabouts are unknown.

Harriet gives Jonah a tip about the person who killed his grandmother in the final scene. Finally, the apparent betrayal of the fake Meyer is made clear. The final mission to find Ruth equity is still scattered.

Jonah takes Clara to Miami as their honeymoon destination. During their conversation about new beginnings in a café, Jonah keeps an eye on the person who killed Ruth.


The casting of Hunters is star-studded. There is not one actor that does not fit the bill. Logan Lerman, who plays the role of Jonah, continues to enhance his character arc. Lerman’s screen presence captured the essence of the grave setting of the series.

Al Pacino, who plays the role of Meyer/Wilhelm, had the smoothest delivery of grim dialogues while holding a deadly aura around him throughout.

Kate Mulvany, who plays the role of Sister Harriet, and Jennifer Jason Leigh, who plays the role of Chava Apfelbaum, were fierce and jarring in each scene. There are moments when they overshadow other actors. The rest of the cast including Josh Radnor, Greg Austin, and so on are great additions.


The cinematography and camera cuts give the series a cinematic effect. The transition between the two timelines is very well-stitched. A clever touch of amber and yellow tints in certain scenes enriches the historic element that the director may have wanted to establish.

The continued storyline does not miss a mark. Hunters season 2 has a firmer storyline that has the potential to keep the attention of a viewer.


The series could have been easily wrapped up in four or five episodes. Eight episodes are a complete stretch. Whilst the storyline is engaging, certain sequences feel too slow.


Hunters season 2 is an intellectually invigorating binge. The unanswered questions of season one are all smoothly answered in this season. There is a satisfying ending but with an added tone of inquisitiveness. Overall, it’s a must-watch.

Hunters season 2
Hunters season 2 review: An intellectually invigorating binge 1

Director: Phil Abraham, Tiffany Johnson, Sam Taylor-Johnson, David Weil

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