Human Resources season 2 review: Crudeness doesn’t distract from the profound narrative

In season 2 of Human Resources, Emmy gets a new client to tend to and learns new lessons as the other creatures of Human Resources go through their own journeys. The series is available on Netflix.


Emmy gets a new client named Sarah and through she meets her logic rock, Van. Emmy ends up falling for Van but the more time she spends with them, the more she realizes the issues that Van and Sarah are going through.

Rochelle goes through a bit of an identity crisis after Dante breaks up with her, turning into a hate worm and brushing off Pete who gains the courage to tell her his true feelings.

Montel tells Maury and Connie that they don’t want to follow in their footsteps by becoming a hormone monster. Instead, he chooses to try out being a shame wizard under Lionel’s tutelage.

Walter learns to move on with his client Paul, but not after they go through a rocky journey of realization.


Much like the first season, despite all of the unfiltered humor and visuals, there are important deeper themes of a wide range explored within the series. Emotions tied to grief, self-exploration, acceptance, and simple love and hate are all covered here.

Depicting these narratives through the different creatures and their human clients is great from a conceptual standpoint and shows brilliant understanding from the writers.

The dialogues and humor also deserve to be praised while the musical numbers are catchy and enjoyable. A lot of good work has been put into the series and it clearly shows.

The cast is magnificent with their voiceovers and the new additions are similarly charming. There are several moments in individual episodes that are worth picking out on their own for their brilliance.


The side plot of Lionel lying about Gavin’s death ends rather abruptly and looks like lazy writing in front of all the other story arcs within the series. It needed to be fleshed out better.

The series certainly ends on a pleasant note but it is unfortunate that this will be the final season of the series. Keeping that in mind, there definitely are certain dynamics that are left partly unresolved.


Human Resources gets better with its second season which might have been the writers giving it their all, knowing that this would be the final season. While this brand of humor will never be for everyone, the lessons taught through its various characters and their stories are wonderful and enlightening.

Human Resources season 2
Human Resources season 2 review: Crudeness doesn't distract from the profound narrative 1

Director: Alex Salyer, Henrique Jardim, Bryan L. Francis, Chris Ybarra

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