Swish: How I Met Your Father season 2 character explained

Swish is a college student that Valentina dates to feel better about herself but it slowly snowballs into a serious situation that she has trouble getting out of. The character is portrayed by Michael Cimino.

Around the time that Sophie was dating Robert, Val decided to get out there too and she ends up dating a young college student named Swish. However, Val and Sophie get into a disagreement about sharing the same space because of their wildly different partners.

Sophie accuses Val of being immature because she’s going out with such a young guy and while she does push back initially, she admits that she’s only dating Swish for a confidence boost.

Due to the age gap, whenever Val does something remotely responsible it fascinates Swish and this does sow some seeds of doubt in Sophie’s mind about her relationship with Robert.

In holy matrimony

While Val is defending her relationship with Swish, she mentions that she might be in love with him although she recants that moments later. However, Swish hears her proclamation of love and reciprocates that feeling.

He later shows up with his grandmother’s reign and proposes to her and Val can’t bring herself to say no. They get engaged and while she believes he will eventually get bored and move on to the next thing, Swish gets started on planning their wedding.

One day, Val tells the others that she thinks he is cheating on her after seeing a girl’s name on his phone and hearing him make a very lame excuse to leave. She’s certain that he’s going to break up with her soon.

Swish: How I Met Your Father season 2 character explained 1
Valentina learns to regret getting in a relationship with him

Unfortunately, the woman she thought he was cheating with was actually Swish’s party planner as he was busy planning their engagement party. This announcement solidifies Val’s fears that he’s committed to marrying her, something she didn’t take seriously until then.

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