Holy Family season 2 review: Similar issues plague this languid drama

Holy Family season 2 sees Gloria continue to do whatever it takes to keep her family safe and their identities hidden. The series is streaming on Netflix.


Gloria’s escape with her family hits new obstacles thanks to Natalia, and she has to negotiate a deal with Fernando to ensure their safety. Caterina and Germán are hospitalized and pose potential threats as well.

Blanca continues to have marital problems and these are compounded when Lorenzo tragically drowns in the lake under suspicious circumstances. Pedro is finally excited to have a child in the house but Alicia is not thrilled about it.

Gloria showed in the past that she would do anything for her children after Santi found himself in a compromising situation. However, her actions tend to cause more harm to them in the long run than good.


Najwa Nimri is as convincing as Gloria, even if her character doesn’t come off as too likable. Her passion in the role is immense and she makes a great effort.

Carla Campra and Iván Pellicer are able supporting acts in the series as Aitana and Abel respectively. Each of them has their own questionable journeys in the season that allow them to showcase their talents.

Macarena Gómez is brilliant as Blanca this season, portraying a woman with the weight of the world on her shoulders who cannot be expected to withstand it all.

The cast does a decent job but their performances aren’t enough to salvage the series on the whole.


Lorenzo’s death is one of the few plotlines that was executed well with some clever writing and storytelling beats. The mystery of it was maintained right until the end.

The make-up and costume department are unsung heroes for some of the looks they have depicted in the series. The cast has performed admirably and these departments have aided them well.


The tone of the series is extremely dull and the drama is too tedious to actually engage the audience in a meaningful manner. It suffered from convoluted writing and lazy direction.

The characters are hardly agreeable and their decision-making doesn’t give the audience much confidence in rooting for them. The ending is also not entirely satisfying for all the characters.

The pacing is quite slow and hard to get by. It’s just 8 episodes but the narrative moves along very slowly and doesn’t grab the attention of the viewer long enough.


Holy Family season 2 brings a welcome end to a series that didn’t have too much going for it. The conclusion had a finality to it but that doesn’t mean it was satisfying or pleasing in any way. Some bright performances and minor storylines were not enough to lift this dragging drama.

Holy Family season 2
Holy Family season 2 review: Similar issues plague this languid drama 1

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