Head to Head (2023) review: Decent action-comedy keeps you entertained

In Head to Head or Ras Bras, two men find themselves on the run from a crime syndicate after they kidnap a former drug lord by accident. The Saudi film is now streaming on Netflix.


Fayadh (Abdulaziz Alshehri) and Darwish (Adel Radwan) have to pick up the owner of their company, whom they have never seen but end up accidentally kidnapping someone dangerous.

Known as the King of Diamonds, the old man is a former crime lord hailing from the fictional Saudi city of Bathaika, who was imprisoned by the Russians.

The two quickly realise the kind of trouble they have landed themselves into and their attempt to return the King of Diamonds to his son does not go as planned.

Now on the run from a crime syndicate in the dangerous Bathaika, survival isn’t guaranteed. Will the two fumbling men come out alive?


Both Alshehri and Radwan are excellent as the two protagonists with distinct personalities. While Fayadh is more easygoing, Darwish is more sceptical and careful.

Their camaraderie works well throughout the film and adds to the narrative. The two ace the humour as well.


At a reasonable runtime of just over 90 minutes, Head to Head doesn’t overstay its welcome. It’s fast-paced and crisp.

The narrative is filled with action-packed and comedic sequences and doesn’t drag for even a moment. The film is thoroughly entertaining.

It never takes itself too seriously either, which works in its favour. You know it’s going to be silly, but that’s what you expect.


Despite the decent premise, the narrative isn’t exceedingly solid. The conclusion isn’t satisfactory after all the buildup.

It is overly stuffed with characters that do not provide much to the narrative and could have easily been left out, making the film easier to follow.


Head to Head is a decent watch that will keep you entertained. It’s humorous at various moments and has enough going to make you sit through it.

Head to Head
Head to Head (2023) review: Decent action-comedy keeps you entertained 1

Director: Malik Nejer

Date Created: 2023-08-03 17:43

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