Halloween Ends review: This slasher trilogy finale is mediocre at best

The thirteenth instalment in the Halloween franchise, this slasher film is a sequel to 2021’s Halloween Kills and the third in David Gordon Green’s retcon trilogy that began with Halloween (2018). The plot picks up four years after the events of its precursor. Lauri Strode awaits the serial killer Michael Myers to resurface as another deadly threat arises in Haddonfield.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers


Halloween Ends kicks off in 2019, a year after Michael’s killing rampage, and focuses on a high school senior, Corey Cunningham, who accidentally kills a kid while babysitting.

The people, who are paranoid and sensitive since Michael vanished without a trace, believe that Corey deliberately murdered the child. We then fast-forward to 2023, where Lauri now lives with her granddaughter Allyson. 

Corey’s life after the tragic incident with Jeremy has turned into a nightmare. The town looks down upon the young man as they have no one to target with their apprehensions, given Michael’s disappearance.  

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They also blame Lauri for what Michael did and believe she encouraged him. She eventually meets Corey and saves him from some bullies, who injure him.

Lauri takes him to the doctor’s where Allyson works, and the two hit it off. They head out to a Halloween party, but Corey’s happiness is short-lived. 

Jeremy’s mother notices the boy and confronts him. Corey leaves and runs into the same bullies who beat him up and toss him off a bridge. Incidentally, Michael Myers, who has been living in the sewers, shows himself to Corey, and triggers a rage within him.

From then, the two team up to kill people who have wronged them but Lauri stands in their way. 


Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role as Lauri Strode and she is in her element. Having played the character for so long, she gets into her skin and delivers a performance worthy of a top-notch slasher. Her paranoid and butt-kicking presence is easily one of the best parts about the film.

Rohan Campbell as Corey Cunningham is another surprise package in Halloween Ends. His character arc is interesting as he goes from a regular high school kid with a promising future to an outright murderer, splitting people open out of vengeance. Corey’s character is the perfect example of how far negativity can push a person, and Campbell plays into it brilliantly.

Nick Castle and James Jude Courtney both play the serial killer Michael Myers. He is as menacing as ever without uttering a single word, and every time he is on screen there is an uneasy tension. However, since Corey does the heavy lifting in this one, Michael’s character is a bit mellow.


Halloween Ends has an effectively eerie vibe with its colour grading and cinematography. The visual effects are top-notch, and they make the killings look extremely grotesque and realistic.

As mentioned previously, the plot tackles themes of fear, paranoia and uncertainty. It uses Corey’s character to showcase how the projection of negativity onto others can push them over the edge to take disastrous decisions.

Furthermore, it doesn’t try to validate or negate any actions. This way, the film presents an unbiased perspective towards something as gruesome as murder.


On the negative side of things, Halloween Ends, is a poor conclusion to the retcon trilogy. The plot is full of relentless murders that feel forced and boring.

Reducing Michael Myers to a side character and killing him off so easily leaves a sour taste in the mouth. Lauri and Michael’s confrontations made this franchise shine, and we do not get that until the very end, and it is over in a jiffy.

The writing feels lazy as a character who refused to die for thirteen films is suddenly dead because he got trapped under a fridge and had his throat slit. The film missed the opportunity to end this in a much grander fashion.

Furthermore, the narrative lazily draws to a predictable conclusion as it uses generic thriller tropes to try and amp up the stakes (which it is unable to). Also, the gore and loud sound effects do little to nothing to add to the thrill.


Halloween Ends is a disappointing conclusion to the series. Slasher fans will still appreciate the unique kills and other tropes associated with the genre, but the film leaves a lot to be desired.

Halloween Ends
Halloween Ends review: This slasher trilogy finale is mediocre at best 1

Director: David Gordon Green

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