Hack My Home review: Enchanting and heartwarming in a vacuum

Hack My Home is a reality series where 4 design experts visit different houses and turn their cluttered spaces into multi-functional living areas. The series is streaming on Netflix.


Mikel Welch, Ati Williams, Brooks Atwood, and Jessica Banks are home renovation and design experts with different specialties that take up the responsibility of giving people their dream spaces within their homes.

From kitchens to home offices, to personal bedrooms for multiple siblings, these gurus tackle it all by exploring the many ways they can utilize the space that is in front of them for maximum usefulness.


The level of creativity on display is magnificent. The concepts that are exhibited in the series bring joy to any adult who enjoys the simple things in life.

A quirk of being an adult is getting excited by the most mundane yet functional things such as furniture and stationary and this series takes advantage of that joyful quirk.

The show doesn’t spend any time focusing on melodrama or diving too deep into backstories and instead focuses on what the show is about, designing spaces in the best possible ways. The reactions from the residents are amazing to watch.


Housing is a huge issue in the United States so improving the homes of people that actually own them can be a sore subject for a huge percentage of the population. These kinds of series must be enjoyed with blinders on.

When you consider the long-term implications of these home improvements, you’re going down a disturbing rabbit hole that you’d much rather avoid.


Hack My Home is a sweet series that is fun to watch and brings joy to anyone who’s watching. A casual series for all ages that display some truly brilliant concepts and designs when it comes to spatial uses inside a home.

Hack My Home
Hack My Home review: Enchanting and heartwarming in a vacuum 1

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