Guns & Gulaabs review: Stellar cast saves Netflix black comedy

Guns & Gulaabs takes place in Gulaabgunj, where an opium deal lures in a lovesick mechanic, a family-man cop, a contract killer, and two warring gangs. The series is now streaming on Netflix.


Ganchi runs the town of Gulaabgunj, where the opium business is big. A client from Calcutta asks for large amounts of opium, and this could become the biggest deal Ganchi has ever accepted.

However, there are several problems that Ganchi sees. First, Arjun Varma, the new narcotics officer in the town, is keeping a close eye on the illegal opium business.

Second, Ganchi’s rival, Nabeed, from the neighboring town of Sherpur, is always looking for a chance to take Ganchi down. He recently had one of Ganchi’s important men, Babu Tiger, killed by a skilled contract killer named Four-Cut Atmaram.

When Ganchi falls into a coma without revealing his plan to his gang, chaos erupts. Apart from the warring gangs, the likes of Arjun Varma and Babu Tiger’s son, Tipu, end up joining this tug-of-war for the opium deal.

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Rajkummar Rao, as Tipu, is playing the same old small-town boy character who is not well-versed and is struggling to express his love for his crush. However, somehow Rao makes sure this act of his doesn’t get redundant or overwhelming.

The viewers may not fall for his character, but they will enjoy Rao’s comic timing, which doesn’t miss the mark.

Dulquer Salmaan as Arjun Varma, at first, hides his character behind the face of an honest cop and a family man. The viewers don’t doubt the character until Salmaan shows Arjun’s dark side.

Gulshan Devaiah as Four-Cut Atmaram manages to come out as a sinister villain who is funny and ridiculous at the same time. Meanwhile, Adarsh Gourav impeccably shows Jugnu’s insecurities as the lost son who is heir to an empire but is failing to figure out how to run it.


All the characters in Guns & Gulaabs are distinct, quirky, and have a story of their own to tell. The show also perfectly balances these stories. Not a single one of them feels left behind or forgotten in the mix.

The pace of the series allows the viewers to be in the scene and the moment as they learn about a character and their past little by little.

What Guns & Gulaabs intended to accomplish is best presented in the finale. The quirky characters crossing paths with each other, the action, and the punchlines work to a great extent.

While the lead cast is strong on its own, every time they are on screen together, there is a feeling of excitement. Once the viewers know these characters, they anticipate for them to cross paths more often.

The first two episodes alternately featured a Western track and a homegrown Bollywood track. The show evenly captures the magic of these two songs and incorporates them into a scene. More of this could have been welcomed.


Guns & Gulaabs puts forth its story in a way that is able to engross any viewer, but it’s not a fresh story for sure. The first two episodes are longer and meant to establish characters, but the viewers are watching an act whose ending they already know.

Comedy might be added to make fun of these simpler plots. However, not all jokes always land. Guns & Gulaabs also struggles to balance its neo-noir attributes with local crime drama ones.


The brilliant cast of Guns & Gulaabs delivers the best of theirs, as expected by the viewers. Coming to the writing part, the series lacked the kind of memorable scenes that would have made the show successful—scenes that would bring a viewer back to the show; there are only a few of them.

Guns & Gulaabs
Guns & Gulaabs review: Stellar cast saves Netflix black comedy 1

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