Friday Night Plan review: Very enjoyable film with relatable messaging

Friday Night Plan is a comedy film that follows Sid and Adi who decide to go to a party when their mother is out for the night and end up getting into all sorts of trouble. The film is streaming on Netflix.


Sid and Adi are siblings with very different approaches to their school lives. Sid is the responsible type who doesn’t let loose, while Adi is more focused on popularity and enjoying life.

When Sid’s classmates decide to have a party on Friday night, Sid gets the rare opportunity to attend and he takes Adi along as well. Breaking multiple rules, playing some pranks, and acting on romantic crushes are on the agenda for the evening.

Throughout the night, Sid learns to loosen up and not overthink everything, while Adi learns to take responsibility for his mistakes and not be so carefree all the time.

The brothers’ bond is stronger after a night of mischief that almost gets them in trouble with their mother.


Babil Khan is wonderful as a studious child who puts too much pressure on himself. Khan captures the essence of what it means to be a gifted child who is expected to do well.

Amrith Jayan is similarly brilliant as the younger brother, Adi. His take on the chilled-out child who rarely has to face the consequences of his actions is on point and very likable.

The two leads are amazing as siblings and very accurately depict what it is like to have a sibling. Audiences will find their performances incredibly pleasing.


The story is pretty grounded and doesn’t go too overboard with the children’s shenanigans. The characters are expertly crafted for the narrative they are going for.

The music is pleasant and not overdone. There are a handful of songs throughout the film with just one involving a dance sequence but even that fits in well.


The inspector was the ideal antagonist in this context but they should have done more with him. The stakes don’t feel as serious since he mostly sits in the station waiting for them.

He should have actually been on the phone with their mother when they were walking in, which would have immediately enhanced the scene.


Friday Night Plan is a fun movie about teenagers being teenagers but also learning important lessons about life in plausible scenarios. The young cast does incredibly well and all in all, the movie is a fun experience for all ages to enjoy and relate to.

Friday Night Plan
Friday Night Plan review: Very enjoyable film with relatable messaging 1

Director: Vatsal Neelakantan

Date Created: 2023-09-01 12:30

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