Friday Night Plan summary and ending explained

Friday Night Plan is a comedy film that follows Sid and Adi who decide to go to a party when their mother is out for the night and end up getting into all sorts of trouble. The film is streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary:

Sid is getting ready for an inter-school match and his mother asks him to take his younger brother Adi along as well. She also tells him that she might be out of town for night on business so they should manage on their own.

Adi is excited to go for the match because it gives him a chance to cheer on his brother and also chat up seniors and possibly get an invite to the senior prom the following week.

Adi’s priorities are to have fun and be popular in school, while Sid is more focused on studies and getting good grades. During the match, Sid is subbed on and he scores the winning goal but disappears as soon as the full-time whistle hits.

While he’s changing in the locker room, his teammates decide to host one of their traditional parties, a “Friday night plan”. They invite Sid but he says that he’s got better things to do than watch them get drunk and make stupid decisions.

Sid goes to his English class where the most popular girl, Natasha, reads out a poem for her assignment. Sid has a crush on Natasha and is in awe after listening to her poem.

He then goes to the counselor’s office and while he’s waiting outside, he meets Nits, Natasha’s younger sister and Adi’s best friend. They share a joke about Adi before Sid goes in for his meeting.

The counselor tells Sid that it is about time he submitted his college application but Sid wants to do his due diligence and is constantly delaying his submission.

At the end of the school day, Sid attempts to ask Natasha out to prom but backs out at the last moment. She sees him and invites him to the Friday Night Plan since it is happening at her place.

She says that she would love to go out for a drive at night so Sid says he’ll bring his car even though his mother said he’s not allowed to. She tells him that the other boys will get in touch with him since they’re meeting up before the party.

Sid ends up taking Adi since he’s responsible for his brother, despite the fact that juniors are not allowed at the party. They meet the others at a bar where they’re all drinking in a private section.

Suddenly the sprinklers turn on and all of them get drenched. They realize that it’s a prank played by their rival school just to smooth things over after the game earlier in the day.

They think of ways to get back at them and Adi comes up with the idea to pelt them with eggs on the street. With Sid driving their car, they head to where the other boys are and begin pelting them through the streets.

Adi ends up hitting a police officer when one of the boys ducks and he rushes back to the car as the officer tries to figure out where the egg came from. Just as he lays his eyes on Sid, Sid drives away and the officer chases after him in his jeep.

They manage to lose him after parking the car off to the side and switching it off. They get off and join the others, deciding to come back for the car later. However, the officer circles back and finds the car before calling for a tow truck to take it away.

The boys reach the party but Sid says he’s going back to get the car. He reaches just as it is being taken away but when he informs Adi about it, his younger brother brushes it off as nothing too serious which frustrates Sid even more.

He calls his mom with the intention of telling her the truth but he ends up lying to her and going to the party instead.

Friday Night Plan ending explained in detail:

What happens at the party?

While everyone waits for Sid, Adi hypes him up immensely and raises the anticipation for his arrival. When Sid finally arrives, everyone cheers for him.

Sid pulls Adi aside and they get into a huge argument about the car and Adi’s irresponsible nature in general. Adi also tells Sid that he’s too afraid in life which is why he hasn’t committed to a college yet.

Sid starts to have fun at the party and takes in a few drinks as he and Natasha get closer. During a conversation with Nits, she tells him that Adi only cares for him which is why he said what he said.

Adi genuinely feels bad about the argument and calls their mother to tell the truth but ends up lying just like Sid did. She says that she’s certain something is up so she’s headed back soon.

Does Sid ask Natasha to prom?

The other boys dog pile on Sid at one point and Natasha takes him into a room to help him recover. They talk to each other for a bit and are almost about to kiss when Sid brings up her poem from English class.

He says that he related to it a lot and felt like she was talking directly to him. She says that she didn’t really write it, it was her sister Nits who wrote the poem and she just read it aloud.

When Sid realizes the truth, he tells Natasha that it wouldn’t be right if they kissed. He says that they barely know each other and even though he did have a crush on her before, he needs to do the honorable thing.

She appreciates the sentiment and they go back to the party. Sid later finds Nits and asks her out to prom. He tells her that they might have a lot in common and he believes they will get along well.

Do they get the car back?

Adi tells Sid that they need to rush because their mom is heading home soon. He calls and finds out that the car is at the police station so they head there as soon as possible.

Sid says that he will do the talking but when things start to go south, Adi steps in and takes full responsibility for the mistake. After making them sweat for a bit, the inspector lets them go with the car since they’re young and it was a harmless mistake in the end.

Sid lets Adi drive home and then says that he will handle their mother. When she gets back home, he sits her down and begins to tell her what happened but Adi chimes in because he believes Sid won’t tell the story right.

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