Firefly Lane season 2 part 1 review: A thoroughly somber affair

‘Firefly Lane’ season 2 part 1 follows the central characters through different timelines but the same kind of morose continuity, where light moments are but temporary refuges from a narrative rife with sadness, guilt, and heartbreaks.


The 70s Tully sets out to find her father, with the help of Kate, but soon their friendship is tested and the two call it quits before reconciling, a year later.

The 80s Kate is happy with her progressing relationship with Johnny, while Tully is playing hard to get for her competitor Danny, who she has taken a liking to.

The 2004 Tully looks for her father again, with the help of Cloud and Kate this time. Meanwhile, Kate lets Johnny crash at her place while he recovers from the IED blast injuries, although his PTSD is making his recovery difficult.

While Kate and Johnny work on their differences, they eventually also realise that they still love each other. They reconcile and get back together. Meanwhile, Tully learns the identity of her father and even though it’s too late, her discovery is still bittersweet.

The 70s Kate and Tully have another falling out over their dating lives but again end up reconciling. The 80s Kate and Johnny break up after they learn that their ideas of marriage are complete opposites.

Tully’s budding relationship with Danny is sadly cut short and while she longs for a real connection with someone, she can’t have it, at least not during the 80s.

In 2004, Danny returns to Tully’s life and even though he’s with someone else, it’s evident he’s really in love with her, and vice versa is just as true.

While the 80s Johnny and Kate part ways, the 2004 ones get engaged and prepare for another wedding. Kate’s life is filled with sadness, though, as Tully’s big mistake that ends up sending Marah to the hospital creates a rift between the two BFFs’ friendship.

After a lot of efforts from Tully to reconcile, Kate admits only that she misses her, but that she still can’t forgive her. As ‘Firefly Lane’ season 2 part 1 concludes, Kate learns she has cancer and goes to meet Tully who has already departed for her next big career project.


‘Firefly Lane’ is consistent with the sad affairs and the people who bleed their hearts out conveying all that heaviness on the screen. There’s no shortage of competent actors in the ensemble and each one of them brings their best game to the table.

Sarah Chalke is incredible in etching out all those painful expressions of grief, shock, sulk, and the merrier ones. She’s a beast and is only made better by an equally great performance by her co-lead Katherine Heigl.


‘Firefly Lane’ is great at the non-linear chronological order it presents its storytelling with, even if sometimes the alternative timeline events may not amount to much in the overall narrative.

The period-appropriate details and background props establishing the concurrent times are commendable and the attention given to them pays off very well, lending the timelines authenticity in more ways than one.


At times, the continuously sad turn of events can be a bit exhaustive and with a total of nine long episodes, it becomes challenging to navigate the drama and the emotions therein.

Lottie’s character is an addition that amounts to rather little at the end, if at all. A more dedicated use of the character might’ve brought some more opportunities for Kate to snap back and stand up for herself against her passive aggression.


‘Firefly Lane’ season 2 part 1 is a solid followup to its predecessor and just as great a foundation for more heart-wrenching drama that lies ahead.

Firefly Lane season 2 part 1
Firefly Lane season 2 part 1 review: A thoroughly somber affair 1

Director: Michael Spiller, Shannon Kohli, Vanessa Parise, Katina Medina Mora

Date Created: 2022-12-02 13:30

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