Firefly Lane season 2 part 1 ending explained: What happens to Kate?

Firefly Lane’ season 2 part 1 sees the two BFFs finally suffering from a rift in their friendship too big to repair, at least as of yet. Meanwhile, other relationships witness reconciliation and other ones see long-deserved amends being made.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

‘Firefly Lane’ season 2 part 1 opens with Tully helping Kate out during difficult times while Johnny is in dire condition from the IED blast. He eventually comes into consciousness but the relationship between the two exes can’t go back to the way it was just yet.

Meanwhile, the young Kate and Tully set out to find the latter’s father together, having little success in doing so. On top of that, the friendship comes to a year-long break as the two part ways.

In the present day, Tully is facing another problem in the form of the lawsuit that her former boss slapped on her after she quit the job. However, a new agent comes as a rescuer and advises Tully on what her next steps should be.

As Tully finds successful second innings online, her former boss invites her for the same gig she once had, only with complete control now. However, she declines and also gets him to drop the lawsuit.

In the 80s timeline, Kate and Johnny’s relationship grows stronger and so does Lottie’s lust for Johnny. The couple decides to move in together but when Kate talks about kids,

Johnny expresses hesitation and reluctance, leading to both realising they haven’t had this conversation before. Shortly thereafter, they break up, and Kate tries to look elsewhere and forget Johnny, with little success until one guy turns out to be one she finds many commonalities with.

The teen Kate and Tully eventually reconcile and come back to being BFFs, while also trying the dating life. Kate swoons over a guy who approaches Tully at first, and only after she rejects him and recommends her best friend does he give Kate a shot.

While Tully can’t overcome her trauma from Patrick’s sexual molestation, she finds Sean to be a way to relieve her from that trauma a bit. The two have sex, once and for the last time, and Tully feels a bit better.

Meanwhile, Kate’s bad kisser boyfriend turns out to be a total doofus and also ends up getting her and Tully suspended by leaking their photos later on at the school. Tully and Kate have a falling out again but soon reconcile again.

Meanwhile, in the 80s, Kate’s new love life is going great, albeit her mind is still not quite over Johnny, who’s not exactly having the best time of his life as Kate seems to think he is.

Tully, meanwhile, falls for Danny, her fierce competitor who she tries to treat as an annoyance, but deep down feels a connection to, thanks to the many similarities they share. Eventually, however, their relationship ends before it can ever blossom when Danny accepts a new job offer in New York.

In 2004, Tully meets Cloud and the two have a better time together than they ever had previously. Cloud is an online tarot card blogger and even has a hot husband (which is mostly because of the Green Card).

Tully resumes her quest to find her dad, and although Cloud refuses to help at first, she eventually comes through and takes part in the docu-special, opening up to her daughter and healing their relationship a great deal.

However, as fate would have it, Tully misses out on meeting her dad, at least while the both of them would have known of the relationship they shared.

Later on, while the 80s Kate and Johnny part ways when Kate moves with her new beau abroad, the 2004 versions of them give their marriage another shot and eventually also agree to marry once again.

However, before that, Tully and Marah have an accident that leaves the latter with severe injuries, and Tully’s friendship with Kate with even severe wounds. Kate distances herself from Tully and although she admits she misses her dearly, she can’t bring herself to forgive her.

Kate’s father passes away and Tully’s life comes crashing down as professional prospects vanish and her only companion in life has now left her.

‘Firefly Lane’ season 2 part 1 ends with 2004 Tully ready to depart to Antarctica for an important project while Kate learns that she has an aggressive form of third-stage cancer.

‘Firefly Lane’ season 2 part 1 ending explained in detail:

Who is Tully’s father?

Tully’s father is none other than the despicable one-term governor Benedict Binswanger’s younger brother, Parker Binswanger.

It’s in the fifth episode when Kate finds out about Tully’s father, during the ongoing shoot for her docu-special. They find out that he owns a business on Orcas Island — a restaurant that Tully had visited during the 80s.

However, when the time comes for Tully and Cloud to meet Parker for the first time in decades, tragic news strikes them mercilessly as they learn that Parker passed away about six weeks before their arrival.

Tully is devastated at the news but later on learns that she at least had once met her father, even though she didn’t know who he was to her. She also learns from Parker’s widow that he actually did know that she was his daughter and he was very proud of her.

He never got to meet her as her condition got worse and unfortunately, before ever getting that chance to reunite, he passed away.

Do Kate and Tully reconcile?

Kate and Tully have had their fair share of falling outs and patch-ups. However, the biggest rift between them is created after Tully irresponsibly gets Marah severely injured in an accident with her.

Kate cuts off all her ties and connections with Tully and wants to not see her, much less talk to her or answer her voicemails. Tully tries, time after time, to her dismay and failure to get Kate to respond.

Kate eventually does agree to talk to her and also expresses that she has missed her all this time. Still, she can’t bring herself to forgive her for what she put her daughter through.

Part 1 of ‘Firefly Lane’ season 2 ends with Tully departing for her next ambitious project, sulking and grieving at her lonely life, while Kate tries to go back and meet her after she learns that she has a serious disease.

Both vie for each other’s company and friendship but Kate has been unable to forgive her best friend, even though Tully managed to apologise for the first time in her life.

However, when Kate fails to find the same kind of friendship elsewhere, and when the shocking news about her health hits her, she has no one else’s shoulder to lean on but Tully’s.

Unfortunately, when Kate goes to meet her at her apartment, Tully departs for the next project of her career.

What disease does Kate have?

Kate has stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer, which the doctor describes to Kate as a “rare and very aggressive form of cancer”.

In the last episode of ‘Firefly Lane’ season 2 part 1, Kate notices a developing rash on her breast, which she tries to show and get an opinion on from a new friend she makes at the university.

However, this new friend doesn’t have an ounce of the chemistry or the shared experiences that Kate has had with Tully, so when Kate tries to show her the rash she has on her breast, she averts her eyes instead, deeming Kate’s eagerness to share “TMI”.

Later on, Kate observes the rash getting worse and spreading all over her breast. She goes to the doctor who finally shares with her the bad news.

Shocked and devastated, Kate finally reaches out for Tully’s warm embrace but her best friend has seemingly already departed for another continent.

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