Entergalactic review: Warm, familiar & visually splendid romcom

Entergalactic is an animated rom-com following two neighbors-turned-lovers who navigate through their careers and exhilarating new relationship.


Entergalactic opens with the wildly imaginative Jabari, who is an artist and has recently landed a coveted spot as a comic book artist at Cosmic Comics. As a result, he’s got a lavish apartment and financial stability.

When he stumbles upon his ex and ends up sleeping with her, Jabari halts himself from committing to a relationship in lieu of a stable career.

However, love finds a way and when he meets Meadow, his new neighbor, it’s love at first sight. Meadow is just as talented of a photographer as Jabari is an artist, and the two creatives find themselves drawn to each other romantically.

Once the levy breaks, the two hit it on and improve each other in a fast-track and passionate relationship. That is until a miscommunication ruins their smooth sailing situation, courtesy of Jabari’s ex Carmen and her improper understanding of what a non-platonic relationship entails.

Jabari and Meadow drift apart and the blissful personal realm turns to a morose landscape rife with longing and regret and an unspeakable desire to get back with each other.

Meanwhile, both their careers see an incline, unable still, to fill their heart with the kind of happiness and comfort they had between themselves. After several days and a couple of advice from loved ones later, the picture changes for the better.

Jabari and Meadow realize they must listen to their hearts and seek out what’s amiss, ultimately ending up together and sparking their romance once again.


Entergalactic utilizes its cast of voice actors to great success. Kid Cudi and Jessica Williams are great at lending their voices to their respective animated roles.

The supporting cast is rife with actors brilliantly lending their voices to some of the funniest scenes.

Ty Dolla Sign as Ky is hilarious and delivers his line with effortless panache, and so does Timothy Charlamet, who voices Jimmy in the TV special.

Laura Harrier is incredibly gorgeous even when she’s just voicing an animated character.

Macaulay Kulkin, Vanessa Hudgens, Arturo Castro, and 070 Shake all have tiny roles but make the most of the screen time delivering their lines with their own unique flairs.


Entergalactic is a visual stunner, with just about every frame in this TV special dripping with groove, eccentric creativity, and love.

The animation style is simply a treat for the eyes, capturing the cityscape of New York in a way that’ll make the viewers fall face first for the serenity of it all.

Being a visual companion piece to Kid Cudi’s eponymously titled album, the Netflix tv special is also a treat to listen to. The soundtrack perfectly accompanies the visuals and elevates the art to newer levels.


The lively and vibrant animation in Entergalactic can feel a bit jankier at times, even if dropping the frame rate for certain scenes is an intentional and creative choice.

With all the hyper imaginative and passionately etched out the trippy world of Entergalactic, the story at the center is a bit too basic and familiar which while doesn’t detract from the vibes at all, certainly does leave much to be desired from a storytelling perspective.


Entergalactic is a familiar story of love told with a unique style of animation that’s every bit mesmerizing as it is fitting for the kind of characters the story has at its center. Backed with an incredible soundtrack and a talented ensemble of voices, the TV special is a warm and comforting watch.

Entergalactic review: Warm, familiar & visually splendid romcom 1

Director: Fletcher Moules

Date Created: 2022-09-30 12:30

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