Entergalactic ending explained: Do Jabari and Meadow get together?

Entergalactic is an imaginative piece of adult animated rom-com that follows Jabari, an artist who falls in love during a big career pivot in his life.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot Summary

Jabari is an artist, splashing his art onto the walls all across New York City. Recently, his trademark character Mr. Rager has found a medium more financially stable than the walls, giving Jabari stability in turn, with a new bag and a new apartment.

Jabari’s life is going great after landing the job at Cosmic Comics, and everything is sailing smoothly. He meets a road bump when one day he stumbles upon his ex-girlfriend Carmen.

Things lead to other things and then things get passionate, leading to the two former lovers sleeping together. However, the next morning, Jabari finds himself falling back into the older life with Carmen, something he doesn’t have time for now.

He tells Carmen he can’t commit to a relationship right now and instead, is open to being just friends with her. Carmen agrees albeit she’s visibly not too enthused about it.

Jabari’s life resumes, getting high and hanging out with his buddies Ky and Jimmy while finding his muse and inspiration in all and every facet of the social and physical surroundings.

Jabari’s colleague at Cosmic Comics does instill some doubts about his raw art style, claiming how that’s an incongruent style to the trademark “bright, lite & white” mantra that the company abides by.

Jabari receives the best whiplash when he meets Meadow, his new neighbor, and its love at first sight. Well, if not straight-up love, there’s indeed an instant romantic spark and a whole lot of sexual infatuation.

The attraction is two ways too, with the photographer Meadow also being really into Jabari as well.

Despite the intense attraction, the two take time to hit the second base in their new relationship, knowing full well that what they have is more than just a mutual sexual drive.

The two eventually get it on and life for both of them is rife with bliss again. That’s until one night, Carmen decides to send a saucy text to Jabari, with a picture of her wearing his hoodie.

It’s not Jabari who sees the message first but Meadow. Although Jabari didn’t have anything to do with Carmen anymore; having gone to her house the previous day to sort out a rat infestation she had called him up to deal with; Meadow grows hesitant to continue their relationship further and the two grow distant.

The misunderstanding and a lack of efficient communication drag them both down, wearing down on them and gnawing at them.

The end of Entergalactic sees the two stop sulking in the regret and decide to seek each other out. They run off to find one another and finally the Meadow and Jabari reunite.

Entergalactic ending explained in detail:

Do Jabari and Meadow get together in Entergalactic?

Jabari and Meadow do end up together by the end of Entergalactic. They have a rough patch in their fast-paced relationship but they eventually overcome the hurdles, deciding to go with their heart and pursue the love they have for each other.

Jabari and Meadow are very alike and very much compatible in terms of their work, their personalities, and their sensibilities. However, the two drift apart from each other after a road bump in their fast-paced arc of love.

Jabari and Meadow spend a lot of time in Entergalactic just vibing with each other, not getting down and dirty right off the bat. Both of these love birds have an intense infatuation with each other but restrain themselves from expressing that in any form.

That’s why when the miscommunication happens, the two still long for each other intensely, despite not following up on their desire until they do.

Who is the man in the poster at the end?

The film ends with a shot of a street on one side which is a large poster of a man with the caption “ICON” on top. On the other side of the street is a smaller poster of Jabari’s Mr. Rager character, pointing to the poster on the other side.

The man in the poster is late fashion design legend Virgil Abloh. Kid Cudi dedicated Entergalactic to the late designer who he held near and dear to his heart. The closing shot of the TV special is an homage to the late designer.

However, Abloh isn’t connected to Entergalactic in just spirit and inspiration; the special features a vibrant and eclectic wardrobe designed by the late fashion world icon.

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