Elite season 7 review: Change of pace and some fresh ideas in the mix

Elite season 7 revolves around a brand new year at Las Encinas with some brand new faces, turbulent romances, and exploring one’s self-identity. The episodes are streaming on Netflix.


A mafia war between their families puts Isadora and Didac’s relationship in jeopardy. Ivan has lost Patrick, but he has some new people entering his life. Joel loves him, but cannot leave Omar without guilt.

Carmen is Ivan’s mother, and she wants to see what her son is like. Her daughter Chloe has a fierce, independent exterior hiding a soft, broken interior.

Nico’s cousin Eric is in the city, but he’s dealing with many issues that Nico tries to help him with. Rocio finds out that her mother isn’t the honest judge fighting for justice.

Bonds are broken and mended, and trust is betrayed, and choices are made between love and self-worth.

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The established cast members perform their roles diligently. Given the level of drama in this series, their portrayals are par for the course.

The new additions do stand out well as with most new entries. Gleb Abrosimov is quite effective as Eric, his turn as a young boy struggling to convince himself that he’s valued and loved is authentic.

Mirela Balić plays Chloe, and while this kind of character is not exactly new in the series, her take on it is unique enough to highlight her efforts.


This season finally chooses a slightly different approach rather than what has come before. After 6 seasons, the narrative at least feels a little fresh.

The more far-fetched ideas such as the mafia war are tempered while social and psychological issues are the key focus of this season. Relationships, mental health, and abuse are some of the topics that are covered with respect.

The suspense factor is kept for the final episode, and it is structured perfectly to keep the audience guessing.

The production values, costumes, and sets have always been top-notch in the series and that doesn’t change one bit here.


There is no mention of Sara being the one who hit Ivan after a certain point, and it’s almost like they completely dropped that issue without any kind of payoff.

Similarly, her arc with Raul wasn’t charted out too well and doesn’t hold up to some of the other subplots. While the outcome was favorable, the journey was a little underwhelming.


Elite manages to bring in some fresh ideas for its seventh season and that keeps it interesting enough for audiences to eagerly await the eighth and final season. There are important issues covered in the series while also giving some time to the more dramatic narratives, but overall this series has maintained a steady quality over its run so far.

Elite season 7
Elite season 7 review: Change of pace and some fresh ideas in the mix 1

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