Elite season 7 summary and ending explained

Elite season 7 revolves around a brand new year at Las Encinas with some brand new faces, turbulent romances, and exploring one’s self-identity. The episodes are streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Isadora’s mother and Nico’s mother want Didac expelled from school because of his connection to the shooting that happened outside school. The new academic director, Luis, campaigns for Didac to stay because of his good influence on Nico.

Didac’s brother threatens Roberta so that she doesn’t vote for Didac’s expulsion. Didac and Isadora have a complicated relationship because of their respective families.

Ivan is back after his hit-and-run, but with Patrick gone, he’s feeling very lonely. It doesn’t last long, as he meets a delivery guy named Joel and instantly hits it off.

He pays for Joel’s tuition at Las Encinas so that they can be closer, but what he doesn’t know is that Joel is currently dating Omar. Omar is studying at the school for social work, but he gets an internship opportunity at Las Encinas to help students via an anonymous app.

Nico’s cousin Eric is a social activist who is fighting for a cause in town. Nico and his parents take Eric in and enroll him in Las Encinas so that he can have some stability.

Sara feels anxious because of her role in Ivan’s accident, but Raul continues to hold control over her. A new student named Chloe gains a notorious name on her first day after her sex tape is leaked.

She later reveals that she did it herself because she enjoys the attention she gets. The situation is awkward between Nico and Sonia after he uses her to get back at Ari.

Eric appears to suffer from a lot of self-doubt, and despite Nico and his family’s pleas refuses to get professional help. Rocio idolizes her mother, Catalina, who is a judge, but soon finds out that she might not be all that she portrays herself to be.

The tension between their families drives a wedge between Isadora and Didac. Luis turns out to be an undercover cop investigating the two families, and he installs spyware on Didac’s phone to listen in.

Omar is suffering from depression after what happened with Samuel, and being back at Las Encinas brings out so many complicated feelings. He also has to monitor the app where students send anonymous messages in case they are seeking help.

Chloe takes an interest in Ivan, but her mother, Carmen is also interested. The reason is that she is Ivan’s birth mother and she wishes to reconnect with him after all these years.

Jessica is the self-defense teacher at school and she recognizes that Sara is stuck in an abusive relationship so she tries to help her. Eric develops an attraction to Chloe, but after she pushes him away, he becomes friends with Rocio.

Sara enlists Chloe’s help to get away from Raul, but she puts Chloe in trouble instead. Omar realizes that he needs help and Joel goes back to Ivan after Dalmar tells him that he should leave Omar for his own good.

Isadora becomes the owner of the family business but she’s just a figurehead who has to continue listening to her father. She sets up a meeting with Catalina to make some changes but her father steps in without her knowledge.

Eric relapses and is kicked out after Nico feels betrayed. Chloe begins a relationship with Raul, who pushes her to shut Carmen out of her life. Chloe tells Ivan the truth in a moment of weakness, and he tells Carmen that he doesn’t want anything to do with her.

Elite season 7 ending explained in detail:

Who does Joel end up with?

Omar moves back to his parent’s house to get the help that he needs, and Joel is spending time with Ivan. Ivan is headed to South Africa on an exchange program and he asks Joel to join him.

Joel meets Dalmar and Omar to get their opinion, and while Omar tells him to go after love, Dalmar tells him to stay and choose for himself rather than follow someone else.

In the end, Joel decides to stay back in Las Encinas.

Do Eric and Nico patch things up?

After Eric is kicked out, he roams the streets and goes back to a squat house where he spends most of his time. He contemplates committing suicide and messages the anonymous app for help.

Sonia has access to it and she reads the messages. She rushes to Nico who figures out where Eric might be and goes to talk him down. He tells Eric that he loves him and just wants to help.

He owes everything to Eric and would be devastated if his cousin ended his life. Eric listens to him and goes back home to begin his long road to recovery.

What is Isadora’s plan?

Isadora pushes Didac away after she finds out that he is working with Luis to take down both of their families. She goes with her father for the meeting but Catalina doesn’t show up.

Isadora’s father told Catalina to meet him somewhere else, where he had some men waiting to end her. Rocio follows her mother and the two of them are restrained by some masked goons.

Isadora then reveals that she’s wearing a wire as police arrive at both locations. They arrest Isadora’s father and Catalina, and Isadora goes back home to tell her mother.

She hasn’t forgiven Didac yet, but she is standing side by side with Rocio on the right side of justice.

Does Carmen get her daughter back?

Sara meets Carmen and tells her what Raul is truly like as a person. She tells Carmen that she needs to get her daughter away from him as soon as possible.

After they split up, Sara enticed Raul into hooking up but recorded it and sent it to Chloe. When she tries to leave him, he restrains her and slaps her too.

Carmen just in time and Raul tells Chloe to behave normally. When Raul is out of the room, Carmen tells Chloe to get out of the house. She then invites Raul out for a drink on the rooftop.

There, she antagonizes him and when his back is turned, pushes him off the edge to his death. His death is being investigated as a suicide, and Carmen lies for herself and Chloe to solidify that assumption.

What she doesn’t know is that Dalmar was walking by and happened to record the whole incident, which he appears to be quite shaken up about.

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