Elite season 6 review: Marked improvement with focus on hard-hitting issues

Elite season 6 continues to focus on the students of Las Encinas and the drama that they get themselves into. This time, a few new students are also added to the bunch. The episodes are now streaming on Netflix.


Ari, Mencia and Patrick return to school after their father is arrested for his financial dealings and also for killing Samuel. Patrick has Ivan for support but their relationship isn’t always smooth sailing.

Ari meets a trans student named Nico and he reminds her of Samuel but she doesn’t treat Nico with the right kind of respect. She has also been drowning her sorrows with alcohol rather than properly dealing with her grief.

Mencia meets a new student named Sara who is part of an influencer couple with her boyfriend Raul. She recognizes that Sara is in an abusive relationship and tries to get her out of that situation.

Isadora is still trying to get justice against the students who raped her and she finds support in the form of Didac, a new student who initially doesn’t believe her but then sticks by her side to the end.


Carla Diaz takes on more responsibility in her role this season and showcases so many different emotions from grief to anguish to cold maturity. She’s quite manipulative in this season without being truly evil.

Manu Rios and André Lamoglia take turns being the stable one and the troubled one in their relationship. Both of them are brilliant during a turbulent journey as a couple. Lamoglia also portrays Ivan’s grief spectacularly.

Valentina Zenere doesn’t improve upon her vibrant character from the previous season. In fact, her performance is a lot more subdued this season but doesn’t have the emotional heft required to capture attention.

Álvaro de Juana, Carmen Arrufat, Ander Puig and Alex Pastrana are decent additions to the cast and they give off good performances in their roles.  


The partying and the sex definitely feels toned down as there is more of a focus on several serious issues. Rape continues to be a topic that is talked about while homosexuality among sportspersons is an issue that is rarely explored.

The season as a whole has a lot more maturity to it when compared to its predecessors which is a sign of progression. The director strikes the right balance between what initially made the show popular and this slightly different direction.

The costumes and sets continue to look fabulous and grandiose. The party scenes are extravagant and have the perfect amount of pomp and substance.

The mostly techno-inspired soundtrack is a brilliant match for the vibe of the series and the stories that it is trying to tell.


While the characters do show some growth, they sometimes take the worst possible path to get there. There are still some who come off as truly despicable and horrible examples for younger audiences.

The formula of unravelling a mystery that is first shown at the beginning continues to be followed here and it doesn’t look like it will be abandoned any time soon by the looks of things. At this point it is predictable the creators don’t seem open to change.

Samuel has been a central focus since the beginning of the series and his death isn’t given that much attention as the focus has been shifted to the other characters. While the intention is understandable, his story deserved a slightly better end.


Elite season 6 marks a soft reboot of sorts with this season being the first one to not feature any characters from before the 3rd season. Several tropes are revisited but the overall season is certainly better than what came before with some mature subject matter depicted in a very mature way.

There appears to be no end in sight as the more recent characters become the main focus in this dram-filled series.

Elite season 6
Elite season 6 review: Marked improvement with focus on hard-hitting issues 1

Director: Lino Escalera

Date Created: 2022-11-18 13:30

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