Elite season 6 ending explained: Does Ivan survive the accident?

Elite season 6 continues to focus on the students of Las Encinas and the trouble that they get themselves into. This time, a few new students are also added to the bunch. The episodes are now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Ivan walks out of a club in a drunken state and tries to flag down a car but the car ends up mowing him down and then driving away, leaving him bleeding on the floor.

Ari visits her father in prison and he tells her that they need to go back to school and live a normal life or else he’ll cut them off. He’s doing his best to get out and insists that what happened with Samuel was an accident.

At Las Encinas, everyone can’t stop staring at Ari, Patrick and Mencia because of what their father is rumoured to have done. Patrick and Ivan are in a relationship that is going strong.

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Isadora is also going through a difficult time as the case against the guys who raped her is still undergoing. There are a couple of new faces in school like Nico, a student who has recently transitioned to male and Sara, an influencer who has a couple’s account with her boyfriend, Raul.

There’s also Didac, a new student who also works at the new club Isadora has opened called Isadora House. He initially doesn’t believe Isadora’s accusations because he’s friends with Javier, one of the accused.

Ari has a thing for Nico but isn’t sure how she feels about being with a transperson and this unsettles Nico’s mind as well. Patrick and Ivan’s relationship hit a troublesome patch because Patrick is paranoid that Ivan doesn’t love him.

Mencia is attracted to Sara but soon realizes that she’s in an abusive relationship with Raul where Raul is very clearly controlling her. She wants to get Sara out of it but it doesn’t happen very quickly.

Isadora’s case is dropped due to the lack of evidence and Hugo, Alex and Javier are back in school and celebrating their innocence by technicality while Isadora is accused of lying to get attention.

Didac finds out the truth from Javier and apologises to Isadora for not believing her and also chooses to help her get justice. Isadora’s only goal is to make their lives as difficult as possible.

Patrick makes out with Cruz when he’s drunk and Ivan doesn’t like that. A video of them making out goes viral and Patrick takes the blame because he feels guilty.

Cruz sees how this situation is hurting his son so he holds a press conference where he comes out as a homosexual football player, which has mixed reactions. While some people praise him, many homophobes send him threats and vandalise his house.

In his first game after coming out, Cruz scores a goal but when he grabs a rainbow flag during his celebration, fans in the arena begin fighting and the game is cancelled as chaos breaks out.

That night, Ivan gets extremely drunk and Patrick calls Cruz but just as he gets out of his house, he gets into an argument with a group of guys driving past and they beat him up. Ivan and Patrick find Cruz on their way home but it’s too late and Cruz dies.

Mencia helps Sara get put from under Raul’s control but he keeps trying to contact her and get back in her good graces. Nico and Ari have an on-and-off relationship and Nico gets really insecure about not having a penis and wants to have a phalloplasty.

Ivan doesn’t know how to deal with the grief of losing his father and partly blames Patrick because if they had never met him, his father would have never realised his true sexuality and never come out publicly.

Ari has been dealing with the same thing because it is revealed that Samuel eventually died and she’s been avoiding dealing with it and replacing it with alcohol.

Javi continues to feel guilty about what they did to Isadora because it is ruining his friendship with Didac and he wants to do anything he can to fix it.

Isadora has a mask party and everyone shows up. Ari finds out that she’s pregnant and tries to drink her stress away. Raul sneaks into the party to find Sara and sees her making out with Mencia so he spikes Mencia’s drink with a tranquillizer.

Ari drives away in a drunken state and when Mencia finds out, she tries to go out after her even though she feels very drowsy. That’s the same night that Ivan gets hit and when Mencia gets up in Patrick’s car which is damaged in the front.

Elite season 6 ending explained in detail:

How does Ari help Mencia?

Ari calls Mencia from the hospital where she and Patrick are and Mencia tells Ari that she believes she hit Ivan but can’t remember anything. Ari goes out to see Mencia and comes up with a plan to cover things up.

She burns up the car and tells Mencia not to mention it to Patrick. She uses this against Mencia to convince her to testify in their father’s defence so that he can get out of jail and take them all away because Ari feels there’s nothing left for them there.

What happens between Ari and Nico?

Ari wants to get an abortion and she has only another student named Sonia to confide in because Sonia saw the pregnancy test dumped in the toilet where Ari took it.

Ari and Nico were going well and even slept together but after that Ari got caught up with other things in her life and Nico confronts her, Ari tells him that he should stay away from her for his own good.

Does Isadora get justice?

Nico begins selling hormones to Hugo in exchange for cash because he wants to pay for his phalloplasty and Hugo wants to improve his muscle mass. Isadora finds out about this and offers to pay Nico if he gets her another drug which causes chemical castration.

Earlier, with some help from Mencia and Ari, they drugged Javi and Alex and tattooed the word “rapist” on their backs and now she switches out Hugo’s hormones to chemically castrate him.

Didac isn’t happy with what Isadora did but eventually gets over it. He clearly has feelings for her but she pushes him away because of her baggage.

One day at the club, Javi joins Hugo and Alex but Hugo doesn’t want anything to do with Javi because he ruined their plan to pin the whole thing on Ivan.

Javi finally gains some courage and turns himself in along with Hugo and Alex just as they’re about to rape another drunk girl. Javi also admits to having a recording of the video in which she was raped.

What happens to Ari, Mencia and Patrick?

After convincing Mencia through guilt, Ari tells Patrick that it’s best if he moves on as well because Ivan made it clear that he didn’t want to be with Patrick.

Ivan had changed his mind but never got to tell Patrick because he was hit by the car and Patrick listens to his sister. After Benjamin is released from prison, their entire family moves away to escape all the drama they have faced in Las Encinas.

Who actually hit Ivan?

It is revealed that while Mencia tried to get into the car, Sara found her and stopped her. She notices that Mencia is not well and tries to take her to the hospital but she doesn’t know how to drive very well which is how she hit Ivan.

She calls Raul for help and he’s the one who stages the scene so that it looked like Mencia was the one driving the car.

Do Isadora and Didac get together?

Didac’s brother shows up at the mask party with Isadora’s mother and that is when Didac tells Isadora that his family is in the hospitality business but he has distanced himself from them.

The meeting ends abruptly and Didac’s brother is thrown out while he’s fired while Isadora watches. This is part of the reason Isadora tells Didac that she can’t trust anyone and it’s better if they don’t get close to each other.

After everything has settled down and Isadora gets justice, she decides to take her chance with Didac as his brother is waiting nearby to pick him up.

Right then a car drives by a hand with a gun sticks out from the window and shoots someone, kickstarting a new mystery to focus on.

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