Doom of Love review: A wonderful tale of love amidst life and death

Doom of Love is a Turkish romantic drama film that explores the life of Firat, a man in his mid-life crisis, and Lydia, a singer, who meet at a yoga festival and become friends.


Firat is a businessman whose ad agency goes bankrupt, and he has to shut it down. Naturally, this failure affects him a lot, and he is terribly upset. But his friend advises him to attend a three-day yoga festival at the beach where he can borrow money from her husband.

Having no other option left, Firat agrees to go to the festival. There he meets Lydia, a singer who tours around with her friend Yusuf. However, Firat interprets Yusuf to be Lydia’s boyfriend and never asks her out.

Upon returning from the festival, Firat takes up an unwanted job as a medical representative to pay his bills. Due to that, he flies to a conference where he again meets Lydia and Yusuf.

Ditching an unwanted job, Firat tags along with Yusuf and Lydia in their musical journey, and eventually, Firat and Lydia come close. However, destiny had something else in its mind, and things fell apart when they met with a car accident.


The cast consisted of Pinar Deniz as Lidya, Boran Kuzum as Firat, Yigit Kirazci as Yusuf, Musa Uzunlar, Gürhan Altundasar as Serhat, Seda Turkmen, Zeynep Tokus.

The centre characters performed well and were successful in exhibiting engaging chemistry between the important roles. Lydia as a lively, optimistic girl, is filled with glamour. Firat is also a hopeful but slightly hesitant man who finally learns how to be free.

The characterization was thoughtful, and the actors successfully performed it to grip the viewers. Firat’s character was profoundly expressive, and the emotions of sorrow, confusion, and happiness were altogether appreciable.


The romantic film is nicely written with smooth transitions to each setpiece. Moreover, the dialogues concerning the yoga instructor were cautiously written and swiftly connected with the plot of the story.

The screenplay and direction of the film stand at par. 

The cinematic shots of the beach, the characters, and the details were beautifully choreographed. The opening scene, tagged along with the narration, is gracefully shot and written.

The film had an interesting sound design concerning its scope of sound as the lead actress was a singer. Even the songs fit best to the narrative and very subtly tell about what might happen in the story further. 

Comprehensively, the story was unique and had a good attempt at visualizing, at least until the car accident. It was gripping as well as soothing to watch and predict the ending.


The writer attempted to shock viewers at the end, and he succeeded in it. However, to attempt that ending, no clues were left. Instead, everything seemed normal, and the final goodbye seemed like a bomb.

To make the story better, there had to be either visual, verbal, or narrative clues to suggest the ending. Unfortunately, the story completely lacked something that is an essential aspect of film grammar.


Doom of Love is a calming love story with mature characters. There is romance, there is spirituality, and there is grief. Everything together makes up a unique story with contemporary references to cryptocurrencies and the pandemic that makes it natural as well as fantasy.

Rating: 3/5

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