Doom of Love summary and ending explained

Doom Of Love is a Turkish romantic drama film that explores the life of Firat, a man going through a mid-life crisis, and Lydia, a singer, who meet at a yoga festival and become friends.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Firat just wakes up from a coma and learns that the world has tremendously changed. He asks his mother about the other people who were with him in the accident. 

His mother grieves this question, and Firat remembers his life before the accident.

Firat owns an ad agency that focuses on writing obituaries for the dead. Unfortunately, the agency is on the verge of failure and bankruptcy. He discusses this with his colleagues and decides that it is to their benefit to shut down the agency.

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However, he owes money to his employees and is in huge debt. So, his friend and colleague advised him to borrow some money from her husband, Serhat, because he had recently earned a lot from Bitcoin trading.

She also asks him to come to a 3-day festival that she and her husband are attending. For the sole reason to ask for the money, Firat agrees to go with them.

Upon reaching there, Firat learns that the festival has only yoga and meditation as its activities. Already depressed, Firat wants to leave the place as soon as he asks for money from Serhat. 

However, Firat meets a girl named Lydia, who is also the lead singer of the festival choir, and falls in love with her.

Firat fails to ask Lydia out as he realizes that she is already seeing her guitarist, Yusuf. 

While returning back from the festival, Firat collects all his courage to ask Serhat for money, and Serhat agrees to lend him 30 grand. 

However, it is still not enough to pay all the debts, so Firat takes up the job of a medical representative at a friend’s firm. 

He goes to Maramarines to attend a conference for the job and, to his surprise, sees Lydia and Yusuf there.

They invite Yusuf to a beach party, but Yusuf has job commitments. However, he makes the call and ditches his office conference, losing his job.

Having nothing to look forward to, Yusuf invites Firat to join them on their tour. Firat agrees, and they visit many places together performing.

One day, while sitting around the bonfire, Firat learns that Yusuf and Lydia are just friends. Yusuf encourages Firat to ask Lydia out.

Following the event, when the trio was returning back home, Firat saw a sign. It is the same sign that was introduced to them by the Yoga instructor when they attended the three-day festival.

They followed the sign and reached a resort organization where the yoga instructor told them that they were observing a silent retreat.

The trio decides to attend the 7-day silent retreat where they meditate and speak no words.

Here, Lydia and Firat finally come close and kiss on an aesthetic evening by the bonfire.

After the end of the silent retreat, when Yusuf, Lydia, and Firat are returning back, they meet with a dreadful accident.

If you still have doubts about the ending, here is a detailed breakdown.

Doom of Love ending explained in detail:

Firat’s realization

The accident sends Firat into a coma. After he wakes up, he realizes that the world has changed, and he slept through most of it.

Now, the world has experienced something called COVID-19, and many deaths have occurred. He surfs the internet about the accident and learns that Yusuf died in it.

However, he wants to search for Lydia. 

Searching for Lydia

Firat borrows Serhat’s car and some money to go find Lydia. He remembered Lydia’s father’s work address and reached there to meet him.

However, Lydia’s father tells him to stay away from his daughter. Firat follows Lydia’s father to find Lydia and sees that she has been taken to a hospital for treatment.

He finally meets her and the both of them share their grief and tell each other about what happened in the accident. Lydia says that her doctor said that she might never be able to walk again, but she proved him wrong.

However, Lydia’s mother prohibits them from meeting ever again, and they say goodbye to each other.

The stubborn Firat finds Lydia again and helps her escape from her parents. They go to the same yoga resort.

At the end of their chapter

The yoga instructor takes Lydia and Firat to a mountain top, saying that it is time for the story to end. But, to their surprise, Firat and Lydia meet Yusuf there.

Seeing this, Firat goes numb and fails to understand what is happening. Finally, he realizes that the accident killed both Lydia and Yusuf, and Firat died while in a coma.

Everything that happened after the accident was a dream or an after-life story. But, nothing was true except for their death.

Following this, all three souls meet, and the story of their lives ends on this earth. 

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