Daughter from Another Mother season 3 review: Dramatic overload of numerous storylines

‘Daughter from Another Mother’ season 3 continues Ana and Mariana’s journey as a pretend couple while they try to keep the jig up, but soon the pretence becomes indistinguishable from reality.


Ana and Mariana struggle with keeping their lesbian relationship facade up while Juan Carlos and Pablo try their best to expose them.

Ferrán decides to make Mariana jealous to get her back and she eventually reveals to him the truth. The two then resume their dating, keeping all their interactions private and covert.

Rodrigo is upset with his mother and spends most of his time with Juan instead. Meanwhile, Pablo and Cynthia try to live as partners with benefits.

Tere is pregnant but she doesn’t want to have a baby right now, contrary to what Víctor wants. However, later on, she changes her mind and realises that she does want the baby.

In light of his wife’s recent shenanigans and affairs with Mariana, Carlos’s dad tells him to get his act and marriage together, while badmouthing Mariana in front of Ana, who flips out and stands up to him.

Inspired by her, Juan also stands up to his father and as a result, gets deprived of his right to be the next leader of the company. He bails from the business and drops his lawsuit against Ana.

He, later on, meets an old flame and the two hit it off great, eventually getting into a relationship and soon calling it quits as well. However, they reunited once again when they clear the misunderstandings and develop a better understanding of each other.

Meanwhile, Víctor and There’s pregnancy suffers a lot of ups and downs but at the end of ‘Daughter from Another Mother’ season 3, the couple finally welcomes a baby, who even Juan and Víctor’s father comes to check up on, before reconciling with his sons properly.

Pablo and Cynthia agree that they make a good team but not a good couple, as the two look ahead with optimism and romantic remnants of their mutual love still alive and lingering.

Ana and Mariana get stuck in a difficult situation when their car breaks down and they have to spend some time in a remote village. After drinking a couple too many shots, they have sex.

Following that night, they act awkward with each other but after some introspecting, Ana approaches Mariana with a confession, but the latter reveals she’s happy with Ferrán.

However, her relationship with Ferrán doesn’t last long when she learns about her dishonesty in his problematic past. She later gets a job but it’s in Tijuana.

Before departing, Ana comes up with a final effort to lay bare her feelings for her. The two have a mutual love for each other and even if distant, the two get into a happy relationship while family and friends celebrate the good times.


There’s an ever-present melodramatic vibe in ‘Daughter from Another Mother’ season 3, and the talents of the cast do a perfect job with their roles and portraying varying levels of melodrama.

Having said that, the show doesn’t break any moulds in terms of the acting department; there’s nothing that runs home about except for the lead actors who do a good enough job as per usual.


The moments of comic relief do more than what they’re intended for, as they generally imbibe the text with more breathability amidst what can otherwise be a mopey display of overused melodrama.

The progressive themes do work more often than not and it’s a great message every time the characters stand up to the homophobia of other, minor characters.


After a point, the constant switch from one storyline to another is mind-numbing. For example, the constant back-and-forth of Pablo and Cynthia being a platonic team and attracting love birds is genuinely hurting.


‘Daughter from Another Mother’ season 3 is a short little affair of ten episodes, rife with love, betrayal, and revelations, as well as progressive acceptance.

While the overabundance of interjecting storylines drags it significantly, season 3 of the show is still binge-worthy.

Daughter from Another Mother season 3
Daughter from Another Mother season 3 review: Dramatic overload of numerous storylines 1

Director: Carolina Rivera, Fernando Sariñana

Date Created: 2022-12-25 13:30

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