Daughter from Another Mother season 3 ending explained: Do Ana and Mariana get together?

‘Daughter from Another Mother’ season 3 follows Ana and Mariana as they deal with their lawsuits while also trying to maintain the last-minute facade they put themselves behind earlier. However, things only get more complicated when true feelings start to bleed through the fake front.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

‘Daughter from Another Mother’ season 3 picks up shortly after the events of the preceding season as Ana and Mariana are dealing with the aftermath of their last-minute solution to the lawsuits.

Pablo and Juan Carlos, who obviously don’t believe them to be lesbians, begin gathering evidence they can later levy on them and make strides with the lawsuits. Meanwhile, Tere is pregnant and while Víctor can’t be more joyous, she’s not sure about having a child at this stage of her life.

Ferrán is also confused by Mariana’s actions and wants to ask her about the truth. But Mariana and Ana have promised each other to not reveal the truth about their current equation to anyone else, lest they wish to lose their daughters for a year.

Ferrán tries to make Mariana jealous and later she does end up confessing to him that it’s all have been a ruse with Ana these past days, without telling Mariana that she hasn’t made good on her word.

Ferrán and Mariana start continuing their affair in secret, away from prying eyes which is very risky and unfair to Ana, who’s having to face the harsh reactions from her ex and more than him, her son Rodrigo. They all want her to burst this fake bubble but she has to keep appearances up.

Tere shares the news of her pregnancy with Mariana and after talking to her, she realises that she does want a kid and tells Víctor that, who’s delighted but when he becomes too restraining in his care for her, Tere becomes upset.

Juan Carlos is summoned by his father for an important dinner, one that he must attend with his wife. At the dinner, when he wouldn’t stop speaking ill of Mariana, Ana stands up and gives Carlos’s dad a telling-off before storming off.

Juan Carlos is inspired and later on stands up to his father but the latter is too petty and he proves it shortly by giving the helm of the business to Víctor instead. Carlos gets out of the company and eventually squashes his beef with Ana, also dropping the lawsuit.

And so does Pablo, who’s tired of all the shenanigans and wishes only the best for Mariana. Meanwhile, his dynamic with Cynthia keeps switching from two flirtatious lovebirds to a dysfunctional one really quickly.

Ana and Mariana get into a minor accident and end up having to spend some time at a remote location where they have some really quality time and eventually give in to their mutual passion for each other, having a steamy sexual night.

Following that spicy one-night stand, an awkwardness fills the air between them and while Ana wrestles with her newfound feelings and an identity crisis, Mariana falls harder for Ferrán.

Ana finally takes the step and confesses her love to Mariana, who doesn’t share the same feelings and instead tells her that she’s been in a continued relationship with Ferrán in secret all this while.

Ana falls into despair while Mariana moves in with Ferrán, but he’s not really adept at being a co-parent or even compatible with kids at all. When Mariana learns that he never told her about his daughter from another marriage who he abandoned, she ditches him.

Mariana eventually gets a job in Tijuana and Ana does some introspection and conscience-cleansing with Juan Carlos, who himself gets into a relationship with an old flame Fernanda.

Ana finally expresses her feelings for Mariana before she leaves for Tijuana, and the expression of love is mutually vocal this time. A few months pass and the two women are in a happy relationship while Tere finally delivers a baby, as all friends and family gather and celebrate the merry times.

‘Daughter from Another Mother’ season 3 ending explained:

Does Juan Carlos get with Fernanda?

Juan Carlos stumbles upon Fernanda while he’s dealing with the emotional tolls of all that’s transpired for the past few months with his career and family.

He likes Fernanda and she likes him. Both hit it off pretty well right off the bat. However, seeing how he’s a divorced dad slacking off on a “sabbatical” from work, Fernanda’s friends are cautious about him.

However, they do eventually realise that Juan is a right fit for Fernanda. Their dating life sails smoothly and Carlos introduces his girlfriend to his children.

However, a scuffle between the two over Fernanda’s way of bonding with Ceci leads the two to drift apart. She doesn’t want a family but Carlos does, and so they part ways.

Juan can’t stop thinking about her, though, and Fernanda also clearly loves him still.

They eventually meet together and after a funny confusion between Fernanda and Ana, Juan finally goes up to her himself and confesses, clearly, that he loves her and wants to be with her.

Fernanda wants to be with him as well and they give their relationship another chance, ending up together and a happy couple by the time ‘Daughter from Another Mother’ rolls the credits.

Does Mariana love Ana?

After a minor car accident, Ana and Mariana have to spend a night away at a remote village called Santa Perpetua. After an excessive alcoholic binge, the two share with each other their woes and eventually things heat up and they kiss.

This leads to the two crashing the bed in the room they’re staying in and turning the steam to the max. The day after, the two realise they’ve slept with each other and both later admit that it was really good.

However, it was more than just good for Ana, who has sort of a revelation after having sex with Mariana. She is confused about her sexual identity and orientation.

She later gathers up the courage to pour her true feelings about Mariana in front of her, but things go sideways and the two drift apart after their ‘homosexual couple’ jig gets exposed and Ana learns that Mariana has been having an affair with Ferrán.

Time passes, and eventually, Mariana breaks up with Ferrán, but her job responsibilities keep her away from Ana, who also becomes grumpy towards her.

Before Mariana leaves for work, though, Ana pulls up and makes her final confession, pouring her heart out as Mariana says she loves her too.

The two kiss and embrace and even with the distance between them, they make things work and lead a happy life together before ‘Daughter from Another Mother’ season 3 comes to an end.

What happens to Pablo and Cynthia?

Throughout the entirety of ‘Daughter from Another Mother’ season 3, Pablo and Cynthia go through an extremely topsy-turvy dynamic.

Sometimes they’re partners with benefits, and sometimes they’re like an old married couple without an officially or socially recognised label.

They both admit they make a good team, but also know deep down that what they have for each other, deep down, is something special and they don’t want to give up on it just yet.

However, Pablo’s imposing and one-sided ideas about the future hinder Cynthia’s focus on her career, and she can’t afford a tumble now that their video game has gone to such heights.

At the end of ‘Daughter from Another Mother’ season 3, Pablo and Cynthia are together, but as a “good team”, admitting that they don’t make quite as good a couple. However, Cynthia does also admit that if she does end up having kids someday, she’d like it to be with him.

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