Cobra Kai season 5 review: Magnificent season perfectly blends the old and the new

Cobra Kai season 5 revolves around Terry Silver’s plans of expansion with the dojo and how Daniel and the others plan to combat his nefarious plans. Season 5 is now streaming on Netflix.


Terry Silver has framed John Kreese and sent him to jail so that he can take over the Cobra Kai dojo and execute his ambitious plans. Daniel is worried about what Terry has in store so he enlists the help of Chozen to help him.

Johnny goes looking for Miguel who is out searching for his father. Once they all return, Johnny tries to help Robby and Miguel bury the hatchet and work together.

Tory is having a crisis of confidence after her tainted victory in the All-Valley tournament and she struggles to find someone who can help her out. Sam attempts to take a break from karate and find out who she is without all the drama and violence.

The valley, and the world, are under the threat of Terry Silver’s grand design but if Daniel and the others have anything to say about it, he won’t get very far.


There are many great performances in this season of Cobra Kai as the cast puts in a consistent performance that the series is used to.

Ralph Macchio brings out the rage that Terry Silver was responsible for in the past and this drives a wedge in his marriage before he eventually overcomes his demons. William Zabka shows great maturity in taking care of his family while still being slightly behind the times.

Xolo Maridueña, Tanner Buchanan, Mary Mouser, and Peyton List go on different journeys of self-discovery in the season and even learn how to set down their rivalries and make peace.

Dallas Dupree Young’s performance as Kenny is a particular standout. His character is filled with anger and contempt and Young does a great job of showing that on screen as he’s torn between his mentor and his conditioning.

Thomas Ian Griffith is the perfect antagonist for the season, the calculating Bond villain who always seems to be a few steps ahead. Martin Kove has a reduced presence but he still showcases a wide range of emotions when he’s on screen.


The creators have used the allure of nostalgia perfectly without going overboard even once. The soundtrack, and the references littered within the dialogue, all feel organic and fun rather than forced down your throat.

The characters are extremely well written with every one of the main cast going through an arc that is significant to the main story. The younger actors go through normal issues like dealing with their identity or having relationship issues.

The season is perfectly paced to be binged in one sitting. The story moves at a comfortable pace and keeps the audience engaged from start to finish.

The fight sequences are once again choreographed and captured brilliantly. The intensity varies depending on the circumstances but the quality of the action remains at the highest level.

The series always manages to bring back characters from the past to play a small part in the narrative and it rarely falters. They even add new layers like the history of Terry and Kreese’s training in South Korea.


The level of violence that high schoolers are involved in is not entirely appropriate. While this season is certainly a little more subdued than the last, some actions really push the boundaries of what is considered acceptable.

John Kreese’s escape hints at yet another season of Cobra Kai which might just end up being one season too many. Having him show a momentary change of heart before dying felt like the perfect end to such a troubled character. Instead, the series might just be jumping the shark.


Season 5 of Cobra Kai follows in the footsteps of a strong franchise with yet another great showing. The main storyline is intriguing and has the audience hooked while the various subplots give the characters a chance to show growth. Filled with wonderful performances, Cobra Kai is certainly a worthy continuation in the series.

Cobra Kai season 5
Cobra Kai season 5 review: Magnificent season perfectly blends the old and the new 1

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