Class of ’07 review: Fun and delightful take on the survival genre

Class of ’07 is a comedy survival series where a group of ladies attending their 10-year high school reunion are stranded following the arrival of the apocalypse and have to find ways to survive. The series is streaming on Prime Video.


The Class of ’07 at Ridge Heights is having their 10-year reunion on the school grounds when an apocalyptic tidal wave hits, drowning the entire world. Situated at the highest point in the region, the class survives the initial second coming but they have to figure out where to go from there.

The girls band together, using all the life skills they know to find ways to survive for as long as possible. However, they are also faced with issues from their past due to spending so much time in the place where all of it actually took place.

There is betrayal and confronting one’s insecurities as time passes by and these women learn and grow together in the face of adversity until they settle on a way of living that works.


Emily Browning and Megan Smart are front and center as Zoe and Amelia. Their dynamic is complicated and real and Browning and Smart are great together, and individually.

Caitlin Stasey plays Saskia, the head honcho/reformed bully, and she absolutely wonderful in portraying the duality of her character due to the inner conflict that she is going through in this scenario.

Claire Lovering, Emma Horn, Steph Tisdell, Sana’a Shaik, Rose Flanagan, Chi Nguyen, Bernie Van Tiel, and Sarah Krndija make up an ensemble cast that pulls their weight equally and ensures that their characters are uniquely intriguing.


Despite being an apocalyptic survival series, the narrative chooses to focus on the characters and their high school lives, morphing into more of a high school drama. This blend is handled deftly, making it all the more entertaining.

The script is brilliantly written, with more than one meaningful monologue delivered that signifies the gravity of the situation they are in. All the primary characters are fleshed out satisfyingly and given ample time to resolve their own arcs.

The humor in the series is relatable and has just the right amount of ridiculousness given the setting of the narrative. Watching these grown women revert to their high school personas in a time of struggle and then slowly lose the plot is thoroughly enjoyable.

The soundtrack is fantastic. Filled with iconic tracks that set the perfect tone no matter what’s happening on screen, the soundtrack truly enhances the experience.


There are so many students that are conveniently brought in or ignored at different points of the series and it does feel like lazy oversight on the part of the writers. While the focus is understandably on the core group, the background characters needed better handling.

A minor issue but an issue nonetheless is the loathsome use of a green screen in a select few scenes. The fact that it is barely used makes it more memorable due to the offensive quality of the effects in those scenes.


Class of ’07 is an impressive series complete with humor and relatable subject matter that does occasionally lean over to the funny side. It’s an easy watch and doesn’t rely on the usual tropes of an apocalypse setting to serve up a pleasing experience.

Class of '07
Class of '07 review: Fun and delightful take on the survival genre 1

Director: Kacie Anning

Date Created: 2023-03-17 12:00

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