Capturing the Killer Nurse review: Distinct from the movie adaptation

Capturing the Killer Nurse details the events that led the cops to capture serial killer Charles Cullen with the help of a heroic nurse. The documentary is now streaming on Netflix.


Nurse Amy Loughren talks about her relationship with her colleague Charles Cullen and how everything changed when he became the focal point of an investigation where patients at their hospital died after digoxin was found in their bodies.

Detective Tim Braun and Detective Danny Baldwin joined the case once the hospital finished its internal investigation.

A background check on hospital staff helped them cross out Charles Cullen, owing to his criminal record and his history of working in a number of hospitals from time to time.

Despite that, they had a hard time tracking down evidence as the hospital kept vital information away from them. That was all until the detectives got a chance to talk to Amy Loughren alone.

Amy assisted the detectives and helped them with reports that will aid them in finding proof against Charles in an attempt to stop him from killing more people.


The Good Nurse and Capturing the Killer Nurse both fall under the same collection on Netflix; what the latter does is that it clearly reveals the reason Charles was killing people and focuses on a completely different notion of the case.

The mystery left behind by the movie adaptation will definitely bring viewers to the documentary, as they will be left wanting to know more about the killer and his reaction after being caught.

That too is well documented, and police camera footage featuring Charles confessing to his crimes further tells a lot about the killer and what was going in his mind.

The documentary over here moves away from who Charles really is, which is usually the focus of serial killer documentaries, and centers around the way detectives cracked the case.

Much like how Amy Loughren’s story is heroic, even her personality is quite intriguing, and she shines while telling her side of the story in the documentary.

Viewers will resonate with her and feel what she went through when she sheds tears after realizing that she could’ve stopped a murder.


The limited time where the documentary dives into Charles’ past is placed amidst the thrilling parts. The series could’ve gotten over it right at the beginning rather than killing the pace in between.

The documentary also introduces a number of Charles’ victims, but with a duration of around 90 minutes, it was a bit unnecessary as the focus continued to be on Amy and Charles.


Capturing the Killer Nurse is definitely worth a watch, especially with the fact that it answers everything The Good Nurse didn’t. It pivots itself more towards the investigation part and is a worthy companion to the movie adaptation.

Capturing the Killer Nurse
Capturing the Killer Nurse review: Distinct from the movie adaptation 1

Director: Tim Travers Hawkins

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