Can I Tell You A Secret? review: Harrowing look into cyberstalking

Can I Tell You A Secret? follows three women and their account of the horrible experiences they were subjected to a serial online stalker. The docuseries is available to stream on Netflix.


Part 1 sees Abby, Zoe, and Lia recount the beginning of it all —how an initially weird anonymous stalker starts harassing each of them and becomes their greatest nightmare.

Soon, they begin to crumble with anxiety, fear, and stress as their relationships get impacted and the stalking only gets worse and worse. 

Part 2 follows the girls getting some semblance of hope after facing disappointing responses from the authorities. 

A policeman from Cheshire gets on the case and gradually helps the girls get justice, while the stalker Matthew Hardy’s past and psyche are delved into as well. 

The docuseries ends with the girls getting a long-awaited relief as Hardy receives the longest sentence ever for online stalking. 


The docuseries highlights the alarming state of social media in the current digital landscape and exposes the dangers that social media platforms don’t do much to curb. 

The fear of the central issue is legitimate and the docuseries does better to hammer in the grave seriousness of it and how stalking online can lead to so much suffering. 


As is the case with most true-crime documentaries, Can I Tell You A Secret? also uses a kitschy presentation which can come across as tone-deaf. 


Can I Tell You A Secret? sensationalizes its storytelling but still manages to be quite effective in addressing the issue of cyberstalking and its harms. 

Can I Tell You A Secret?
Can I Tell You A Secret? review: Harrowing look into cyberstalking 1

Director: Liza Williams

Date Created: 2024-02-21 13:30

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