Camp Courage review: Emotional and inspiring story of a young girl’s spirit

Camp Courage documents the experience of a girl affected by war, Milana, who tries to overcome various challenges at a summer camp. The documentary is now streaming on Netflix.


The events in the documentary take place six months after Russia invaded Ukraine. A ten-year-old girl named Milana and her grandmother, Olga Ivanovna, are refugees of the Russia-Ukraine War and now live in Bratislava, Slovakia.

In January 2015, when the city of Mariupol was attacked, Milana lost her mother. Milana was with her mother at that time. Her leg was crushed in the attack, but she survived. Her grandmother has been raising her since then.

Milana and her grandmother head to a summer camp in Piesendorf, Austria. The camp is organized by the Mountain Seeds Foundation for the families affected by war.

Nathan Schmidt, the founder of the foundation, seeks to help children overcome their fears by climbing mountains. However, it is not an easy task for Milana, who faces many difficulties. The film documents Milana’s journey as she tries to overcome her fears and climb the mountains.

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The documentary depicts the everyday struggles that Milana has to face. Her prosthetic leg hurts at times, she is always trying to adjust to it, and she finds it hard to participate in various activities with the other children. A rocket attack that is so easy to forget for many is still impacting her life.

The film shows the impact of war on the lives of common people, and it makes the audience feel for the ten-year-old who has already lost and suffered so much. However, it does not deprive the audience of a wholesome and inspiring ending.

Through Milana’s grandmother, the film depicts the challenges that the guardians of the children affected by war face. She has also lost people she loved, but she has to be strong for her granddaughter’s sake. She has to raise Milana all by herself and be patient at all times.

The documentary also features a very short interview with Nathan. His story and his wish to give these children a chance to be children is truly touching.


The film aims to tell the story of Milana’s bravery, but the story seems incomplete. It does show Milana struggling to participate in the beginning and ends on an inspiring note, but how Milana got to that point is missing. The film could have benefited from a longer runtime.


Camp Courage is a documentary that highlights the impact of war on innocent people through the story of a young girl’s courage. At a time when newspapers are filled with disturbing news about conflict and war, this emotional documentary becomes very important.

Camp Courage
Camp Courage review: Emotional and inspiring story of a young girl's spirit 1

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