Burning Betrayal review: Disposable erotic thriller

Burning Betrayal follows a woman finding sexual awakening along with significant revelations after her fiancé turns out to be a cheater. The film is currently streaming on Netflix.


Babi is devastated at her bachelorette party when she receives a gift box containing photographs of her fiancé Caio having sex with other women.

She splits up with him and later finds incriminating evidence against him in a money-laundering case. Meanwhile, she finds herself attracted to the mysterious judge presiding over the case related to Caio.

Their relationship suffers a violent halt when a shocking truth about his life surfaces, just as Babi is targeted by unknown people for the evidence she possesses. The judge, Marco, comes clean to her, and the two patch up.

Meanwhile, she seeks development in the case as her best friend turns out to be the villain. A highly danger climax sees Babi getting saved from death by Marco, her friend Paty, and the police, as Burning Betrayal rolls the credits.


Giovanna Lancellotti as Babi is sultry and sexy, but because of the material and her own deliveries, she is not very believable at times.

Leandro Lima as Marco, a secretive and seductive judge who falls for Babi. His expressions are limited and inflexible.


There are moments where the poor lighting and messy production works for the kind of affair the film is shaping up to be with its overtly familiar and predictable twists and turns, cheesy and bad acting, and extremely forgettable music.


The tendency to create an annoying ambiance in so many modern movies ruins this one too. It all comes across as a not-so-good music video, especially at the beginning of Burning Betrayal.

The performances are awful, and the writing doesn’t help in any capacity either. The stench of the twists and turns is so strong one can decode what the finale is going to be right off the bat.

The music is obnoxiously forgettable and poor, and so are the sex scenes, which continue to be a real stigma.


Burning Betrayal is an erotic thriller where the thrills are non-existent and the eroticism is just not done right. A novel crunched into a ninety-minute runtime may help explain a lot but that’s not the only reason.

Burning Betrayal
Burning Betrayal review: Disposable erotic thriller 1

Director: Diego Freitas

Date Created: 2023-10-25 12:30

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